Flamingo Christmas Ornament


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There’s nothing that brings families together quite like the holidays. Christmas is a time in which we all come together and celebrate traditions, love, and family; and because each family member is unique they should have their own unique whimsical ornament. Whether you are looking for a cat ornament, llama, unicorn, or a flamboyant flamingo you’ll find it here.

This Glitter Flamingo Christmas Ornament would make a fabulous gift for your daughter, niece, son, aunt, mom, cousin, nephew, sister, friend, co-worker, boss, teacher, principle, coach, doctor, neighbor, significant other, loved ones who live in the tropics, loved ones that live in the frozen tundra, those who like to hang ten, drink pina coladas, flaunt their feathers, and have a good time.

Product Details:

>> Ornament is shatterproof

>> Ornament is 2.5 inches in radius

>> Glitter is contained inside of the ornament, and the glitter on the beaks have been sprayed with a sealant to prevent flaking

>> Feathers are roughly 2.5 inches in hight

>> Yarn is used in place of a hook and is light pink in color


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