Gingerbread House Craft Kit


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Create this Gingerbread House Craft Kit for Christmas and then keep it forever! Year after year you can look at it to be reminded of the wonderful moments had while making it. This kit is jam packed with materials, making it so easy to customize your house to look however you wish!

First, you will be able to create your own gingerbread man (or lady).

Then, you get to make gingerbread house with the option of having a white house or a traditional brown colored home. One kit has both options!

After you make your choice for the outside color of your gingerbread home, you then get to decorate it:

Possible Options…
Use the coloring page to easily create the front of your house. Make striped peppermint accessories with pipe cleaners. Roll felt to create candies. Use the precut felt icing icicles along the top of the roof. Decorate the roof with precut felt rainbow roof tiles. Add mini pom pom gumdrops. Use the white paint pen to color on icing details. Hang the precut felt wreath on the front door. Decorate the bottle brush tree with mini wood Christmas shapes; paint the shapes or keep them natural. Follow your imagination to create limitless possibilities!

This kit would make an awesome gift or a fun activity for guests at a Christmas party or family gathering.

In this Gingerbread House Craft Kit you will receive:

– An 8x4x2 inch Box
– 1 Sticker-Backed Coloring Page: an optional way to make the box into a house
– 1 Bottle neck tree
– 1 Gingerbread man
– Mini pom poms
– Precut felt icing icicles
– 6 Mini wood Christmas shapes
– 1 Precut felt wreath
– 12 Pipe cleaners
– 24 Precut felt roof tiles (in a variety of colors)
– 3 Pieces of felt 4.5 x 6 inches

– 1 Optional Paint Pen $2 extra
>> Adhesive not included <<

*If you purchase this kit in a larger quantity (for a party) please allow a week to create and process your order. If you have any questions send me a message.

For the tutorial on how to create this craft please visit under the “etsy craft kits” secti


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