Witch Hat Hair Barrette


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No need for a broom, this hair barrette is truly bewitching. Need a low-key Halloween costume? Look no further! Handcrafted from felt, this mini witch hat is perfect for a Halloween costume, a school play, parties, or just dressing up for playtime. With the addition of orange, purple, and green ribbon, as well as a fluffy spider friend, this hat is sure to enchant you and your friends. Soft, light weight, and easy to clip in, it is comfortable to wear. This mini hat will be a great addition to your costume/ dress-up collection. I hope you enjoy!

Product Details:

>> Made of firm felt, stiff enough to stay straight without flopping

>> About 5 inches tall with a base of 4 inches in diameter

>> Metal barrette size is 80mm

>> For best results wear with a smile and maybe some bright orange.

*Made for hair long enough to hold and support a barrette at the base of the head.


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