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12 Home Decor Must Haves this Spring

Hello my Lovely,

How wonderful it is to see the tulips peeking out of the earth ready to say hello again, or to drive by the forsythia and know that there is only three… two… one snow left until the official end of winter. Spring is here!

Personally, I enjoy decorating my house by seasons. It allows me to freshen everything for the new season as they come and go. Seasonal decor is also fun because there are always those “oh, I forgot I had this” or “I missed this so much, I can’t wait to put it back up” moments.

12 Home Decor Must Haves this Spring!

Here is a list of some of my favorite spring decor items this year, some are shameless plug-ins for my own products (I only create things that I love, so why wouldn’t they make the list?) and others are fun DIYs that I highly recommend trying. So, here we go…

1. This DIY Carrot Door Hanger

You can find the tutorial to make your own on a separate blog post HERE

2. This Adorable Bunny Coaster Set

Seriously, they are well priced at under $10 and stinkin adorable. You can order a set for your home in the shop section of this site or click HERE to head over to my Etsy shop.

3. This Birdcage Centerpiece

This is a simple, yet impactful DIY. You will need: a decorative birdcage, silk flowers, and fake birds of your choosing. I used purple ceramic birds to match my purple flowers and love them. All you will do is place your birds where you would like to have them, add flowers, and voila! I suggest layering your flowers from those that can lay down (such as my large yellow dahlias) and then work your way upward with flowers that look best standing up.

4. April’s Interchangeable Welcome Sign

This adorable spring welcome sign is just a taste of my twelve month Interchangeable Welcome Signs from my Etsy shop. These are an Unplanned Whimsy Original Item!

The banner across the top is interchangeable in a series of monthly banners. In addition to the monthly banners, there are also special occasion banners such as a banner for Mardi Gras, Cinco De Mayo, and Hanukkah.

5. This Easy DIY Bunny Banner

You will need: the free PDF Download HERE, paper, glue, scissors, twine, and optional pom pom tails.

6. These Felt Mini Banners

You can find them on my Etsy Shop HERE

7. This DIY Floral Wooden Egg from the Local Dollar Store

This Beauty was made by my lovely sister

This DIY is so easy! Simply purchase a wooden egg cutout, one that is flat and large enough to correlate with the size of your flowers, and then add your flowers to the egg using hot glue. Done.

*Here is an extra tip for glueing flowers to wood: glue the silk portion of the flower to the wood, and not the the stem. Using hot glue to adhere a plastic stem to wood will not create a strong enough bond to hold the flowers in place; however, the glue will penetrate the fibers in the flower to create a strong bond. Place the flower where you would like it to lay and simply lift the back petals to glue them in place. That flower will stay!

8. Any Of These Beautiful Wood Signs

Below $20, these beauties would make a wonderful addition to your spring decor or in the home of someone you love. Mother’s Day is coming soon…

You can find them on my Etsy Shop HERE

9. This Fun Burlap Bunny Door Hanger

You can find the tutorial on a separate blog post HERE

10. This Feminine Wood Sign that is Prefect for Mother’s Day

To find this and other similar wooden signs visit my Etsy Shop HERE. You can purchase one today and tuck it away for a beautiful Mother’s Day Gift, or display it now for spring!

11. This Beautiful DIY Floral Centerpiece

To recreate this centerpiece you will need: a large clear jar or vase, plastic Easter eggs, and silk flowers. Simply fill your jar with the Easter eggs about half way up. Add your flower stems into the middle of the jar. You will want to cover your stems with the eggs, so now that you have your stems in place finish filling the jar by adding the remaining eggs around the stems.

12. These Super Cute Peeps Cat Toys

Because why would you limit your spring decor to the humans in your home when you can share that spring enthusiasm with your fur babies? You wouldn’t. Share your love of spring with your kitties.

Also, I just wanted to show off how ridiculously cute my sweet Bella is.

I hope you have a wonderful spring filled with the smell of fresh hyacinth, the sounds of blue birds in the morning, the warmth of the sunshine on your gorgeous face, and the joy of finding the last Easter egg.

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