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DIY Graduation Cap Wall Decorations

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DIY Graduation Cap Wall Decor

Lets get started…

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

You will Need: scissors, yarn, construction paper, and tape.

Step Two: Cut Your Paper into a Square

*I suggest not folding the paper with a crease, but instead just gently hold it in the center of the fold while you cut. I made a bit of a crease to emphasize the line for this tutorial, but the less of a crease the more realistic your cap will look.

Step Three: Wrap Your Yarn to Start the Body of the Tassel

You can wrap your yarn around your fingers, as pictured below, to create your wrap. Spread your fingers out for a longer tassel or keep them tight for a short tassel. Once you have the amount of yarn you would like cut the wrap off of the ball of yarn.

*Remember that all of this yarn goes into the body of the tassel, so that if you only look at what is in the palm side of your hand know that the amount you’re looking at will be doubled when it is combined with what is on the back of your hand.

Step Four: Attach a Chord to Your Yarn Wrap

Use the middle of your square shape to guide you as to how long you would like your tassel strung. Once you have the length you wish cut it from the ball of yarn. Remember it is always best to cut more than you need, because you can cut it shorter later on if needed.

Next, take your yarn wrap and open it up to make a circular shape. This allows you to thread your single string (chord) through the circle. Once you have the chord through your wrap tie a knot at the end of your chord around the wrap to secure it in place.

*Notice how in the second picture the end and beginning of the yarn to create the wrap are pointing in the same direction? Tie your chord to the opposite side of the wrap. Otherwise you will have two really long strings in your tassel body that will have to be cut, waisting yarn that should be adding to the thickness of your tassel.

Step Five: Create the Neck of the Tassel

Cut a small piece of yarn from the ball and wrap it around the body of the tassel. It will kind of look like little arms. Tie the arms together (aww like a hug, so cute) to secure the neck. If you have extra yarn after your knot, you can either wrap it around to create a thicker neck followed by a final knot or simply cut off the excess.

Step Six: Finish Your Tassel

You can trim as needed.

Step Seven: Poke a Hole in Your Cap

Hold your square in the folded position as in step one to reach the center and make a small cut.

Step Eight: Attaching the Chord to the Cap

Carefully thread the chord to the back of the cap through the hole you just created. Then tie a knot at the end of the chord (you could do this before or after threading it). Once you have your chord ready tape it in place. The knot keeps the chord from sliding through the tape.

Step Nine: Pat Yourself on the Back and Start Decorating

You did a great job!

A few more and you’ll have your whole venue decorated with graduation pride!

Here is a picture from my graduation party featuring some of the graduation caps that I made. I wasn’t planning on having a blog back then (2017), so I am sorry this isn’t the best, but it’s enough for you to get the idea. I made a few in red/ scarlet (for OSU), then I made others to match my party colors with lime green, yellow, and pink tassels. You could even change the color of the construction paper to match your high school colors.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have a wonderful graduation celebration. You’ve worked hard so celebrate and have fun!

If you do this tutorial for your party please share your pictures and comments below. Thank you.

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