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Summer Hair Tips Even Mermaids Would Approve Of

Hello!! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer that we have.

The sun is shining, the waves are kissing the sand, the clouds are fluffy, the bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming, the grill is hot, the lemonade is cold, and salty beach hair isn’t always cute. So, inspired by summer, here are some great ideas on how to easily switch up your hair routine this beautiful season.

Add a Simple Braid

I feel as though any hairdo can be elevated by adding a simple braid.

Sometimes when I don’t feel well I simply through my hair up into a bun. Migraine Monday: bun. Tachycardia Tuesday: bun. Wheezing or Weak Wednesday: bun. Buuuutttt Healthy Thursday: I still don’t feel like doing my hair but it’s been a week of buns and I should do something to step it up soooo… add a braid!

Look at this woman. She could have just left her hair down, doing nothing to it, but instead she added a braid! Now she looks like she has her life together.

And this! What a perfect way to add some flair to a simple ponytail by adding in a small braid.

Try it out. Add a simple side braid to a bun, ponytail, half-up do, or even with your hair down and see how it will elevate your whole ensemble.

Adding a simple braid is perfect for your summer hair routine. We are women on the go. We need to squeeze out as many memorable moments as we can this summer and we need to look good while doing it. So do your go-to quick hairdo, add a quick braid, and head out on your next adventure.

Create Many Braids

Have some time on your hands? Braid!

Even when you are doing summer activities hanging out with friends, braiding each other’s hair. Braiding someone’s hair is a bonding experience that shouldn’t have stayed on the playground or stopped after middle school. As a Camp Counselor, I can tell you that braiding someone’s hair is a great way to bond with that person. I am in my mid twenties and when my mom, in her mmmm fifties, allows me to braid her hair we both love it. She looks cute and we bond.

The extra effort you take in doing your hair really shines through. One braid is cute, but why stop there? When you have the time, keep braiding.

Add an Accessory

Is this a shameless plug-in to sell my own products? Yes, yes it is.

It’s also a good advice though, because although all of these hair ideas are great any hair style can be elevated or fit for summer by adding a hair accessory. Whenever I go out I have a hair accessory in. I just love the way a good hair accessory can change your entire ensemble. Whether it is a flower, seashells, crystals, bow, or others a good hair accessory can pull your entire outfit together.

If you’re looking for the perfect summer hair accessory, check out my Etsy Shop HERE to find something you’ll love.

Take Your Bun and Drop it Like It’s Hot

Get it? Because summer is hot?… Alrighty moving on.

So, as you read earlier, I love to just through my hair up in a bun. I fall into the same mundane routine of a high bun, and although adding a braid elevates that bun to look a bit fancy, there are other ways to jazz up your bun.

I love this first one on the brunette. It is easy peasy and looks really nice. Two ponytails and some easy twists creates an elegant hairdo.

The second low bun on the blond hair is beautiful! I think this one looks a bit more advanced… but look again. The same ponytail twist as on the brunette followed by two simple braids and then secure it with bobby pins. I have tried this look and it is way less complicated than you may think.

Shake Up Your Half Up Half Down Look

I love a half up half down hair style because it combines the greatness of letting your lovely locks flow and yet not having your hair fall in your face every time you look down.

So, let’s shake up this look with two easy fixes to add some interest to this everyday hair do.

The first idea is totally youthful and super cute. After gathering half of your hair to put it up, simply make it a bun. It is just the right balance of messy yet put together. She looks like she could be going out with friends for a night on the town, or just heading out to the gym for yoga. Who knows, but one thing is for sure: she looks adorable!

This second twist on a simple half up half down is all about twisting! She simply placed a stretch headband on the top crown of her head, overtop of her hair. Then, she took small sections from the front of her hair and twisted it away from her face. With the twisted pieces in hand, she was able to wrap those twists around the headband. In doing so, she hid the headband from the sides and back of her head while creating this beautiful twisted crown effect.

She could elevate the style even more by adding floral pins or a decorative crystal hair comb. Gorgeous.

Someone who puts thought into their outfit may look good, but add a nice hairstyle to the mix and that girl looks fierce. #killinit

Try any of these hair tutorials or check out my Pinterest Hair Page or my Etsy Shop for more inspiration on creating a great hair day.

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