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Ten Crafts Sure to Fill Your Heart with Love this Valentine’s Day

These are some of my favorite Pinterest Valentine’s Day craft projects. All of them are from other lovely blogs. I think each of these crafts would be super fun to make with your loved ones this holiday and I hope you try at least one.

Ten Crafts Sure to Fill Your Heart with Love this Valentine’s Day

These Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Hearts

by Crafty Morning

This DIY is by Crafty Morning and I love it, because it is cute and perfect for anyone’s crafting level. You could make these and add them to a long piece of yarn to make garland, have the hearts spread on a tablescape, place them on everyone’s plate as part of their name tag for a Valentine’s dinner party, or hang them around your home… the possibilities are endless! You can find the tutorial HERE.

These Adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Gnomes

by Follow the Yellow Brick Road

This DIY is from a crafting blog Follow the Yellow Brick Road and can be found HERE. These gnomes are crazy cute. I want to hug them and cherish them and oh my gosh they are CUTE! The author, Amber, does a wonderful job of creating easy-to-follow steps with photos, so do not look at this and think it is above your craft level. Anyone can make these cuties.

Also, they are so cheerful that you could display them throughout the spring season too. Maybe save some felt and make some bunny ears over their hats for Easter… just a thought.

This Valentine’s Day Printable Banner

by Sandy Toes & Popsicles

This DIY is by Sandy Toes & Popsicles and can be found HERE. The author Jill even includes a free printable to make this DIY super easy to replicate.

These Love Yarn Letters

by My Sister's Suitcase Blog

This stylish DIY decor is by My Sister’s Suitcase Blog and can be found HERE. The ombre effect from the various shades of pink is truly beautiful. The author, Holly, does a great job breaking down the steps and taking photos of the process to make this an easy-to-follow craft that anyone can complete.

This Heart Argyle Valentine’s Wreath

by Mine for the Making

This DIY from Mine for the Making is more written instructions than a photographed tutorial, so it may be for the more moderate to advanced crafter but is worth the try because just look at it! This wreath would be the prefect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. You can find the instructions HERE.

This DIY String Heart

by Green Wedding Shoes

String art is a popular craft and this tutorial from Green Wedding Shoes is a wonderful way to help you make your own Valentine’s Day string art at home. The tutorial can be found HERE.

This Easy DIY Felt Heart Garland

by Tastefully Frugal

In this tutorial, the author, Sydney, uses her Cricut Machine to cut each of the felt hearts to create consistent hearts; however, you can easily cut them by hand. You will need a sewing machine to attach the hearts together, so some experience is necessary, but the reward is well worth it. The tutorial is from Tastefully Frugal and can be found HERE.

These Felt Conversation Hearts

by Felt With Love Designs

Oh my golly goodness, this DIY from Felt With Love Designs is ridiculously cute! It would make a perfect beginners hand-sewing project. The tutorial can be found HERE and I hope you try this one.

This DIY Felt Heart Craft Idea: No Sewing Required

by Sweet and Simple Living

Incase you would like to do a felt craft and avoid any sewing this DIY heart pillow from Sweet and Simple Living may just be the perfect Valentine’s Day project for you. You can find the tutorial HERE.

These Latex Painted Mason Jars for Valentine’s Day

by Sprinkled and Painted at KAStyles co.

These DIY latex painted mason jars would look beautiful in your home throughout the year; but, as a Valentine’s Day craft project, these jars would be perfect to hold all of your flowers, valentines, or candy this holiday. Find the tutorial from Sprinkled and Painted at KAStyles co. HERE.

There you have it, ten of my favorite Valentine’s Day crafts to try this year. I hope you enjoy this list and really try to make your Valentine something from the heart this holiday.

Homemade gifts are worth more than anything you could spend at a store.

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