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Wood Crate Daisy Bouquet Craft Kit Instructions

Okay, so I have made a few craft kits while expanding Unplanned Whimsy and love each of them, but this one might just be my favorite. It is so beautiful! The craft kit is fun to make (as they all are) and when you are finished it will look so wonderful in your home or you could gift to to someone as a cheerful reminder of your love.

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Wood Crate Daisy Bouquet Craft Kit Instructions

Step One: Order This Craft Kit and Gather Your Supplies

Your Craft Kit Will Include:

  • Precut felt Daisy Pieces: 2 Large, Medium, & Small outer flowers and 2 large, Medium, & Small Inner Flowers per each of the three flower colors
  • 2 Felt Strips per each flower color
  • Felt Greenery Pieces: 1 Grass Crate Liner, 6 Green Felt Leaves, 6 Sepals
  • 6 green Painted bamboo dowels
  • Precut Foam Insert
  • Mini Wood Crate

Additionally, you will need: a Hot Glue Gun.

**Felt glue is not going to work well for this project. With that knowledge, please keep in mind your skill level and any personal safety precautions you may need to follow.

*There are currently three color choices (as shown above); however, I usually have a rainbow of felt colors available and would be happy to create a custom color combination for you. If you would like to create a custom order, please message me BEFORE you place your order. Thank you!

Step Two: Prepare the Wood Crate

You will need your Mini Wood Crate, Foam Insert, and Felt Grass piece. First, remove the foam insert and protective wrapping paper from your crate. The paper can be tossed out or recycled, because we may not be using it in this project. (See * at the end of this step.)

Next, center your foam insert in the middle of the grass felt piece. Then fold the felt over the foam insert on both sides. When you have your foam wrapped, place it into the wood crate. You can then lift both ends of the felt to create the look of grass on both sides of your crate.

*Tip: If your foam insert does not fit perfectly into the crate you can fold and stuff the paper wrapping between a side of the foam insert and the felt grass to prevent the piece from wiggling. I am human and cut these by hand, so they may not be perfect.

When you are finished with Step Two, you can put your crate off to the side to be used later.

Step Three: Cut the Strips of Felt to Create a Fringe Pattern

Gather your strips of felt and a sharp pair of scissors. I would recommend using fabric scissors if you have them and if you don’t, then just try to find your sharpest pair. Take one of the felt strips and fold it in half (doing this is optional, but will mean that you will have half as many cuts to make). Once the felt strip is folded in half, cut small fringes into the felt, as shown below. I included a measurement photograph to help you get an idea of how far apart to create the cuts, but no real flower is perfect and these fringes don’t have to be either.

Continue this process for each of the strips. *Know that you will not be using all of the strips. I provided extra to allow for practice runs, so you can get a feel for what you are doing.*

Step Four: Choose Your Petal and Flower Head Color Combination

You will have three colors and can switch up the color combinations however you wish.

Step Five: Create the Daisies

Each daisy will need: One green bamboo dowel (stem), one strip of fringed felt (soon to be a flower head), one green felt sepal, one set of petals (3 small inner petals and 3 larger petals), and a hot glue gun.

I am going to split the next few steps into sections:

Step 5 Section 1: Create the Flower Head

Take your green “stem” and add a drop of hot glue to the tip. Touch the hot glue to one end of the fringed felt and carefully wrap the felt around the glue to adhere it to the stem.

*Hot glue is hot and will burn you if you are not careful. Please be careful! I love you and want you to stay safe.

Once the fringe is attached, we are going to continue to wrap it around the stem to create a larger flower head. To do this, start a thin stream of hot glue onto the fringe closest to the stem, moving in the opposite direction. Continue to wrap the fringe around the existing felt on the stem, creating a larger flower head as you go. You may have to pinch the fringe into a rounded shape as the glue sets, and if so please be careful not to burn yourself.

Super simple.

You can repeat this process until the flower head is as wide as you would like it to be. I like to stick to about the width of a penny or nickle, but you can create the flower head to the size you want.

Step 5 Section 2: Add Petals to the Flower Head

Each layer of petals, as well as the green sepal, have slits cut into the middle to assist you in attaching them to the stem.

To attach the petal layers to the flower head, pierce the smallest petal layer on to the stem, pushing it close to the flower head. Then, add a bit of glue to the bottom of the flower head. Carefully cup the petals over the flower head, as shown, and hold it into place until to glue is set.

Starting from the smallest petal layer and working your way to the largest layer (which will be the last layer of petals), you will repeat this process as you add each layer of petals to the last layer on the stem.

Step 5 Section 3: Add the Sepal

You will follow the same steps as you have been for the layers of petals. 1. Pierce it on the stem. 2. Push it Close to the Last Petal Layer. 3. Add Glue to the Last Petal Layer. 4. Hold in Place. 5. You did it!!

Continue to assemble the daisies until you have all of them finished.

Step Six: Add Leaves

This step is optional, but simple. If you would like to add leaves to your daisies you can do so by placing a small amount of hot glue to the tip of a leaf, then, attach the leaf to the bottom of the daisy.

Step Seven: Add Crinkle Paper to the Crate

Just pile it in the crate to cover the white foam insert.

Step Eight: Arrange the Daisies into the Crate

You may use up to six daisies in your crate. I like to only use five (one on each of the four corners and then one in the middle). The choice is all yours.

I would highly recommend laying out different arrangements before you place the daisies into the foam. This will give you a clear idea of what you would like to do before potentially creating unnecessary holes in your foam insert.

There is no need for you to glue the daisies into place (unless you just really want to). Hot glue will melt the foam and can create a larger hole than necessary.

Step Nine: Enjoy!

Thank you for crafting with Unplanned Whimsy. I hope this craft kit will bring you so much joy as you make it and then afterwards every time you see your finished creation on display!

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