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Space Banner Craft Kit Instructions

This DIY post is specifically for a purchased craft kit that you can find on my Etsy shop.

If you have seen my Etsy shop or have made your way over to my shop on this site here, you have seen the wide variety of felt banners that create and I sell. Each one is fun and has a bit of whimsical flare, but my favorite felt banners are the ones my customers have made and shared with one of several UW’s craft kits.

Each kit comes with all of the pieces needed and a list of instructions as you are about to read, but YOUr craft kit will be absolutely amazing because YOU made it! All the shapes may be precut, but it is YOUr touch that will make this banner uniquely YOUrs, and that’s why it will be my new favorite banner.

Space Banner Craft Kit Instructions

Step One: Order Your Craft Kit and Gather Your Supplies

  • 10 Precut Felt Stars
  • 2 Precut Felt Moon Pieces
    ( 1 Dark Grey Base and 1 Grey Half Moon )
  • 2 Precut Felt Saturn Pieces
    ( 1 Planet and 1 Ring )
  • 4 Precut Felt Rocket Ship pieces
    ( 1 Blue base, 1 Red Frame, and 1 Orange & Yellow Fire Layers )
  • 1 Precut Black Felt Banner
  • 2 Precut Black Felt Squares
  • 1 Wooden Dowel
  • Twine
  • Extra Pieces

Additional Information: 

  • This craft kit contains small pieces that can be a choking hazard.
  • Banner is about 8.5 x 11.5 inches in size
  • Banner has precut holes to thread the wooden dowel through 
  • Dowel Rod is 10 inches in length and 0.25 inches in diameter  
  • Additionally, you will need adhesive to hold your project together. I recommend using a glue gun; however, if you would like to make this a more child-friendly project feel free to use felt glue
    • A glue gun provides a shorter waiting time for drying, allowing your project to be finished sooner.
    • Felt glue will work fine, but there will be delayed crafting as you wait for the glue to dry in-between steps.
    • It is up to you, so long as you do this craft safely and have fun.

I usually do my craft kit instructions using hot glue because waiting for things to dry while trying to take photos is not how I like to spend my time, but I always say that felt glue is an option and have never given you proof of that so, I used felt glue for this tutorial you’re welcome.

Step Two: Assemble Your Moon, Saturn, and Rocket

Assemble Saturn

I would recommend using liquid felt glue for this step (regardless of what you use for the rest of the craft) so that you do not burn your fingers on hot glue while working on such a thin piece of felt. As always, have adult supervision as needed.

Place a thin layer of glue over the light tan base of Saturn where the ring will be placed. Then, lay the ring over the glue and gently press it down to secure the two pieces together. Set it aside to dry a bit while we move to the next piece.

Assemble the Rocket

First, assemble the flames together by placing a layer of glue toward the outer edge of the yellow flame. Next, place the yellow flame on top of the orange flame and gently press down to secure the two pieces together. Follow the same process for attaching the flames and red rocket frame to the blue base. *Tip: the slimmer end of the red base faces downward and fits the size of the straight edge of the flame seamlessly.

Assemble the Moon

Place a layer of glue toward the outer edges of the light grey crescent moon. Next, place it on the darker circle and gently press down to secure the two pieces together. Set it aside to dry a bit while we move to the next piece.

Now that all of your pieces have been assembled, take a few minutes to allow the glue to set. The glue can be tacky, but not so wet that the felt pieces slip and slide apart while picking them up for the next step.

Step Three: Attach Your Pieces to the Banner

Before you add glue to anything, you can layout where you want your pieces (Saturn, moon, rocket, and stars) to be placed on the banner; this way, you will be able to make adjustments before you glue things down.

Once you know how you want your space scene to look like, you can glue each piece to the banner by following the same instructions as in the last step. Simply place a layer of glue toward the outer edges of each piece on the back, then place it on the black banner and gently press down to secure them together. Follow this pattern of glue, flip, stick for Saturn, the moon, rocket, and stars.

*Tip: be sure not to use too much glue on the stars and press down lightly, to help you avoid glue from oozing out the sides. Not all glue dries perfectly clear.

Optional Step: Wait for the Glue to the Dry

This step is optional and only needed if you used felt glue. The type of felt glue that I chose to use has a recommended dry time of one hour. Hot glue drys within a few seconds. Simply follow the directions on whichever glue you choose and be sure to wait until your glue is dry before moving on to the next step.

Step Four: Attach the Dowel to Your Banner

Slide the dowel rod through the two precut holes at the top of the banner, making sure that the middle of the rod is visible to the back of the banner and the two ends of the dowel are visible from the front (as shown below).

Step Five: Add Twine to the Banner

Attaching the Twine to the Dowel

You will be threading your twine through the same holes as the dowel, one side at a time.

To do this, take one end of the twine and thread it through one of the holes in the banner starting from the front and pushing through to the back of the banner.

Once your twine is thread to the back of the banner, tie it to the dowel.

Follow the same steps on the other side of the dowel, so that both sides are tied (as shown below).

Secure the Twine to the Back of the Banner

For this step, you will need the two felt squares provided in your kit.

Add glue to the bottom of the squares and then, place them over top of the knotted twine on the back of the banner. This will hold your twine in place once the glue is dry.

*Tip: when placing the square over the dowel and twine, gently fold it over while keeping the banner itself flat. This will ensure that the banner will not have a large crease on the front side.

I would recommend using hot glue to speed this step up, or using something to hold the squares in place until the glue has dried.

Shortening the Twine After Securing Your Knots:

Simply wrap the twine around the dowel in the front of the banner. Wrap on both sides to keep your banner symmetrical, and feel free to glue these wrapped portions of twine to the banner if you want to keep them in place.

Step Six: Enjoy!

Place this intergalactic masterpiece somewhere to be seen and admired by earthlings for infinity and beyond! That’s it. I don’t have space for any more puns… get it? lol You got it.

Anyways, thank you for crafting with me!

If you purchase this product or create a something inspired by this DIY please share your photos either in the comments below or on Unplanned Whimsy’s Facebook Page HERE because I’d love to see them!

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