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DIY Pom Pom Pet Blanket

Do you have a pet who has taken over a spot in your home? They’re constantly there relaxing and being cute, while leaving behind all of their hair, dirt, cat litter, claws, and whatever other nasties fall off of them piling up in this one spot. If you can relate, then a pet blanket may be something you look into as a way to protect your surfaces while allowing your fur baby to stay in their favorite spot.

I love my girls (two cats) and would do just about anything to make them happy.

This is how I usually start my day.
She just lays down and waits for me to wake up.

Princess is 16 years old. She is my cuddle bug and has an unhealthy obsession with me. She follows me everywhere! Truly the only time she is not with me (while at home) is when I have snuck out of the room while she is sleeping, though I can always tell when she wakes up because I can hear the heart wrenching sound of her high pitch screaming as she has a panic attack because I’m not within her sight. She was really hands on with this project, even though the blanket was really meant for Bella.

I could just spend the whole day staring at her and squealing over how darn cute she is.

Bella is my sweet baby girl. She is 10 years old. She is very independent, isn’t afraid to lay down the law or breakout her claws, she’s feisty, elusive, beautiful, skittish, and doesn’t like to be photographed. Bella knows that I’m her mommy because I am the only one in the house who she will listen to, I am the only person who can pick her up to hold her like a baby, and I am the only person who she will not claw. Ever. Even though Bella likes to be independent, she loves to sleep on my bed. I once read on Google that a cat does that out of love because my bed smells like me. 😍 Which is a way better explanation than the fact that she just likes to be left alone during the day.

I love that Bella sleeps in my bed. I love going into my room and seeing her cute little sleepy face as she barely opens her eyes to see who turned on the light. It is cuteness overload. The only thing that I do not like about my sleeping angel is that she sheds her fur all over the place! I didn’t like how she left fur all over the bed, but I didn’t want to kick her out. I needed to come up with a compromise and a pet blanket was the perfect fix.

DIY Pom Pom Pet Blanket

Small pet blankets are perfect for collecting all of the hair, cat litter, dirt, and whatever other nasties that your pet may leave behind, that way when you come back to sit or sleep in “their” spot you can simply move their blanket and not have to worry about what you’re sitting on. Under that pet blanket will be a clean surface, so that you won’t have hair all over your dark jeans when you sit down. It’s a win-win and with this tutorial the pet blanket will look super cute in your home.

So, lets get started with our DIY Pom Pom Pet Blanket…

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

For this Project You will Need:

  • Fleece Fabric
  • Pom Pom Trim
  • Fabric Glue
    • Be sure that your fabric glue is compatible with fleece fabric
  • Fabric Scissors

Step Two: Cut Away Any Unwanted Edges

For this step, simply cut any edges that need to be trimmed, such as the labeled edge (as shown below) or maybe even straightening the edges of where the fabric was cut from the bolt (bolt = roll of fabric from the fabric store).

Step Three: Cut the Fabric to Your Desired Length and Shape

When purchasing fabric from a bolt, the width of the bolt is usually 45 to 60 inches wide. So, when someone orders a yard of fabric, which is the length that I purchased, they will really receive a three foot by five foot piece of fabric. This will leave plenty of fabric for you to make two or more pet blankets, depending on the size of your pet. Never hesitate to ask a worker at the fabric store for help, or type your questions in a chat box for help if you choose to shop online.

I simply cut my fabric in half to create two large blankets.

If you are cutting your pet blanket into a perfect square, take the fabric and fold it over to create a right triangle (a triangle with a 90 degree angel), as shown below. Once your folded triangle is laid out simply trim the excess off, as shown below in the photo to the right.

Once you have cut your desired size and shape, you can then choose to make a second blanket or save the extra fabric for later.

Step Four: Attach the Pom Pom Trim to the Blanket

Okay, you can show off your sewing skills by pinning the pom pom trim into place, firing up your sewing machine, and getting to work. Buuuuut this is not that kind of tutorial. We’re here for the easy way. So…

To glue the pom pom trim to the blanket, squeeze out a thin layer of fabric glue to the edge of the blanket.

Next, gently lay the pom pom trim onto the glue. Tap the trim down with your fingers to create a strong hold.

To secure the pom pom trim while it dries, you can add sewing pins or, in my example, mini clothespins to keep the trim in place so that you can continue carefully working on the other sides while this edge is still tacky. Follow this pattern of steps until all four sides of the blanket have pom pom trim.

Step Five: Allow the Fabric Glue to Dry

Each brand of fabric glue has their own recommended dry time, so check the back for instructions. I usually wait overnight; however, if you’re like Princess you could just lay on the blanket before it’s even finished, because patience is clearly overrated.

Step Six: Enjoy!

Well hopefully you and your furry friend will both enjoy your new creation. I know my Princess enjoyed her sister’s blanket while I was trying to take pictures of it on my bed. She did make an excellent a model, so I later paid her in treats for a job well done.

Thank you for reading!

If you create your own pom pom trim blanket or were inspired by this post to create other beautiful things for your pet, please share them below.

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