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Sunflower Headband Craft Kit Instructions

There’s just something about a sunflower that brings me so much joy. I was born in August and as a baby my mom always called me sunshine, actually she still calls me sunshine. So now, anything that involves sunshine or sunflowers reminds me of my mama and it warms my heart. Though, she’s usually the one standing beside me pointing to something sun related saying “I love my sunshine”. So if sunflowers warm your heart too, you will love this Sunflower Headband Craft Kit and showing off your love of the sun every time you wear it.

This craft kit would also make a great gift! You could purchase the kit for a loved one big or small, or create the headband yourself and gift the finished product. Everyone loves a handmade gift, especially an impressive “where did you get that” creation with the help of Unplanned Whimsy.

This DIY post is specifically for a purchased craft kit that you can find on my Etsy shop HERE.

Sunflower Headband Craft Kit Instructions

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

In this purchased kit you will receive:

  • Precut Felt Flower Pieces:
    • 4 Large Outer Flowers
    • 4 Middle Flowers
    • 4 Small Inner Flowers
  • 4 Precut Brown Felt Strips
  • 5 Precut Cross-Shaped Felt Leaves
  • Green Felt Base
  • Nylon Headband
    • One size really does fit ALL
  • Cardboard Workspace
  • Additionally, you will need: a Pair of Fabric Scissors and a Hot Glue Gun

A Hot Glue Gun dispenses HOT glue and can burn you. Please be careful and read all of the packaging instructions that comes with your hot glue gun before using it.

Once you have your supplies, you can get started!

Step Two: Create the Inner Portion of the Sunflower

To create the sunflowers, in both this and the next steps, you will need the brown felt strips and the yellow and gold sunflower pieces.

To start creating the inner portion of the sunflowers, first take one of the brown felt strips and fold it in half. (Doing this is optional, but it means that you will have half as many cuts to make). Then, using a pair of sharp fabric scissors, make small cuts into the strip to create a fringe pattern, as shown below. The sizing between each cut is up to you, so long as it is consistent throughout the strip. I made my fringes about a quarter of an inch thick.

Once the fringe has been cut, take the strip and add a bit of hot glue to the end of it, as shown below in the top left photo. Then, carefully, as to not burn yourself with hot glue, roll the end of the strip towards the glue, as shown below in the two photos to the top right.

After the roll is started, continue adding small amounts of glue to the strip while rolling the felt into a round shape until the entire strip has been rolled.

Repeat this process until all of the four strips have been rolled.

Step Three: Assemble the Sunflowers

To assemble the sunflowers, start by adding glue to the bottom of a rolled center piece and attach it to the middle of a small gold sunflower piece.

Once the sunflower middle is in place, it needs to be adjusted so that the petals of the sunflower curve forward. This will give it a more realistic effect. To achieve this, add hot glue to the sides of your brown middles, where the brown and gold felt touch. Then, gently, as to not burn yourself, cup the small flower in your hand while it dries, as shown below in the bottom photo to the right.

Next, add glue to the smaller yellow flower piece around the inside of the petals. Align the two pieces together and lay the smaller flower piece over the glue. Then, carefully, again don’t burn yourself, cup the two pieces into your hand as the glue dries, as shown below.

Then, add glue to the large yellow flower piece around the inside of the petals. Align the two pieces together and lay the smaller flower piece over the glue. Then, carefully, seriously don’t burn yourself, cup the pieces into your hand as the glue dries, as shown below.

Continue this process until all four sunflowers are made. A few more steps and you will be ready to assemble the headband.

Step Five: Create a Headband Base

This craft kit has enough pieces to create a headband with four sunflowers; however, if you would like to have less sunflowers on the headband you will need to trim the green felt base. To do this, align the amount of sunflowers you would like to have on the headband and cut the green felt to that length. In this tutorial, I will be making the headband with four sunflower, so let’s get started creating a base for the headband.

First, add the Nylon Headband and Green Felt Base to the cardboard, as shown below.

Then fold the green felt around the nylon headband, glueing the green felt to itself to create a tube, as shown below. Please do this step carefully, as to not burn yourself with hot glue. Creating this “tube” allows the nylon headband to stretch to fit any sized head while allowing the sunflowers to stay in place.

Step Six: Attach the Leaves to the Green Felt Base

*For this step, you will use four of the five leaves you received in the craft kit. Scroll down to the “Optional Step” to see how we will be using the fifth leaf.

Before glueing anything in place, I recommend laying out your design with the sunflowers and leaves together. This will allow you to get a clear picture as to where you would like the leaves to be angled, spaced, and secured to the base.

Once you have laid out your design, remove the sunflowers. Then, gently, as to not move the leaves, lift up portions of each leaf and glue them to the green base, as shown below.

Step Five: Attach the Sunflowers to the Headband

Again, I recommend laying out your design and then glueing the sunflowers to the leaves by gently lifting each one, as shown below.

Optional Step: Using the Fifth Leaf to Fill in Any Gaps

For this step, you will need the fifth leaf provided in the craft kit. This step is completely optional, though it does allow you to fill in any spaces on the headband that you may feel is too bare. Maybe there is a gap between two leaves or a spot on the headband that just doesn’t look right to you; either way, this is your chance to fix that.

To start using the fifth leaf to fill in any gaps on the headband, use your fabric scissors to cut the cross-shaped leaf into four individual leaves. You may also want to then cut the bottom of each small leaf, as shown below in the photo to the right. Cutting the leaf to create a straight bottom will allow the leaf to be glued flush with the headband base, as you will see in the next step.

After the small leaf has been cut to shape, determine where on the headband you would like to place your extra leaf. Once you have your spot is chosen, tilt the headband to access the back green felt base. Then, place a small amount of glue to the location of where your extra leaf will be attached between the felt green base and the layer of leaves, as shown below in the photo to the left. Next, use a thin object (I used the tip of a pair or scissors) to carefully insert the straight edge of the extra leaf into the glue and hold it in place while it sets, as shown below in the photo to the right.

Step Six: Remove the Headband from the Cardboard Base

This step doesn’t really need to be explained, just slide it right off.

Step Seven: Enjoy!

Here comes the sun do do do do. You really did a wonderful job.

Thank you for reading and crafting with me. I hope you enjoyed this Sunflower Headband Craft Kit, which can be purchased on my Etsy Shop HERE.

Go show off your new creation and share the sunshine!

If you are interested in creating something else to show off your love of sunflowers, check out my Sunflower Wreath Craft Kit HERE. It is so cute!

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