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Mini Rose Heart Wreath Craft Kit Instructions

It is the middle of the winter season and I am missing the beauty of my garden. Anyone else? Well, I can’t send you my garden or make your flowers start to bloom, BUT I can hopefully bring you a bit of joy with this Mini Rose Heart Wreath Craft Kit.

It is a wonderful St. Valentine’s Day craft to make, as well as a super cute addition to your romantic home decor. Then, when February is finished it will continue to look adorable throughout the Spring season. I hope you enjoy it!!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

This DIY post is specifically for a purchased craft kit that you can find on my Etsy shop HERE.

Mini Rose Heart Wreath Craft Kit Instructions

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

In this purchased kit you will receive:

  • 10 Precut Felt Coil-Shaped Roses
  • 10 Precut Felt Circles
  • 1 Mini Heart-Shaped Ring
    • About 4.72″ x 4.72″ in size
  • 20 Precut Mini Felt Leaves
  • Twine

Additionally, you will need a hot glue gun and perhaps a pair of fabric scissors (incase you want to trim any of the rose petals).

A Hot Glue Gun dispenses HOT glue and can burn you. Please be careful and read all of the packaging instructions that comes with your hot glue gun before using it.

Once you have your supplies, you can get started!

Step Two: Make the Roses / Roll the Coil Shapes

Working with one coil at a time, start to roll it from the outside of the coil towards the center. Be sure that the rose is rolled tightly to later ensure that it will not unwind. Once the rose has been rolled, add a drop of glue onto the final petal and attach it to the roll, as shown in the video below.

*Optional Tip: If you would like to have a more secure rose roll, simply add a bit of hot glue to the coil as you roll it. Similar to the way the center of a felt sunflower is created and explained in Step 3 in my Sunflower Wreath Craft Kit Instructions HERE. Either way will work fine for this craft, but the choice is always yours.

Step Three: Attach the Roses to the Heart

First, lay out the felt circles onto/ under the heart. You can use the photos below as a guide. Once the circles are in place, set a rose onto each one. There will need to be adjustments to be sure that the circles and roses align with one another, and so that the placement of the roses resemble a heart.

*Pro Tip: The roses placed on the top indent of the heart and the bottom tip of the heart should be placed so that the rose is closer to the bottom of the wreath, as shown in the top left photo. This is to assist in creating a defined heart shape.

The metal heart should be sandwiched between the circles and roses, as shown below.

Once the roses have been set into place, lift a single rose. Add hot glue to the circle and wire heart below the rose, as shown in the photos below. Then, while the glue is still hot, place the rose back onto the circle to secure it to the metal heart. Finally, apply light pressure to the rose to hold it into place while the glue sets.

Repeat these steps until each of the ten roses are complete.

So cute!

Step Four: Attach the Twine to the Rose Heart Wreath

Step 4.1: Thread the Twine into Position

Grab the twine and flip the wreath so that the back of it is facing up.

Take one side of the twine and thread it through the metal heart between the top middle rose and the rose to the left of it; follow the same instructions for the other end of the twine, as shown in the photos below.

Step 4.2: Create a Knot in the Twine

First, pull the two ends of the twine, so that they are able to lay next to one another, as shown below in the photo to the left. Then, take the two ends of the twine and create a circle by folding it over the existing twine, so that the open end of the twine is now running perpendicular to the rest of the twine, as shown below in the photo to the right.

Next, take the open end of the twine and pull it through the circle, so that it looks like a pretzel, as shown below in the photo to the left. Finally, pull the knot tight to make sure it is secure.

Now that the twine is looped and attached to the wire ring, we are ready for the next steps.

Step Five: Attach the Leaves to the Rose Heart Wreath

*This Step is Optional. The leaves serve two purposes: 1. They’re cute. 2. They hide any wire that may be showing between the roses.

First, take a leaf and fold it in half, as shown below in the photo to the left. Next, thread the leaf through two roses and under the metal heart base, as shown below in the photo to the right. I recommend using two hands, even though I had to one-hand it so I could also take photos. Anyways…

Once the leaf is in place, add a drop of hot glue to the leaf and over the metal heart base. Then, add a second leaf on top of it, so that the metal base is sandwiched between the two leaves.

This is what it will look like from the front and back of the rose wreath.

Once the first leaf is secured into place, follow the same instructions for the other 18 leaves.

Now that the leaves are secured, you may have a split leaf effect (the photo on the bottom left is an exaggerated sample). To fix this, connect the two leaves together by adding a bit of hot glue to one of the leaves. Then, (carefully, as to not burn yourself with hot glue) hold the two leaves together using mild pressure until the glue sets.

Step Six: Enjoy!

Hang this cutie up to enjoy for Valentine’s Day and keep it up throughout the spring season.

Thank you for crafting with me and have a beautiful day!

Did I mention that this kit is available in different colors? Visit Unplanned Whimsy on Etsy to see full details.

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