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Ten St. Patrick’s Day DIYs to Bring the Luck of the Irish to Your Home this Spring

I never used to celebrated St. Patrick’s Day; that was until two years ago when I received the results of an ancestry DNA test and discovered that I am 75% Irish & British. My family and I were a bit in shock, since my mother was told that she was German her entire life. Anyways, if you and I share the same love of crafting and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, then this post is for you!

I hope that this inspires some memorable moments, fun crafting sessions, and new ways to practice your DIY skills.

10 St. Patrick’s Day DIYs to Make and Display in Your Home this Spring

This Felt Leprechaun Doll

This Felt Leprechaun Doll made by Mollie from Handmade Charlotte is ridiculously cute. This would be the perfect addition to a St. Patrick’s Day tiered tray display, learn-to-sew craft to make into a kit for a child, a finished gift, a ‘my first St. Patrick’s Day’ photoshoot prop, or any other idea to make and display this cutie. Did I mention that the template to make this leprechaun is FREE? I love this so much!

This Wooden Rainbow and Gold St. Patrick’s Day Sign

This Rainbow and Gold St. Patrick’s Day Sign made by Landee from her blog Landeelu Creating a Home is such a fun wall sign to make and display for your home. You could make it to hand or stand. I like the idea of it standing as part of a St. Patrick’s Day mantel display. She even tells you where she purchased the wood plaque to use for this DIY and has different versions of this sign for St. Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

This Lucky Horseshoe Garland

Glittered Horseshoe DIY Garland

This Glittered Horseshoe DIY Garland made by Amy from the Darice Blog is a fun way to bring some good luck into your home this spring. The tutorial says to use Darice 3.5×3.5″ wood horseshoe cutouts, then to cover the wood shapes with glitter; however, you can use this same concept to create a similar garland from foam shapes at your local dollar store. I have no affiliation with the Darice Brand; I just like their craft products.

This Lucky Penny Letter Display

This Lucky Penny Letters St. Patrick’s Day mantel display made by Marzi from her blog Made by Marzipan .

This Leprechaun Bottle Topper

This fun St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun bottle topper made by Michelle from A Crafty Mix is the perfect way to start off an Irish celebration. You could place it on a bottle from your at-home bar display, leave it on top of a bottle of a loved one’s favorite drink for a personalized gift or thoughtful host/ hostess gift, or on top of soda bottles for a classroom party. The possibilities can go far with this little accessory.

Any of These Decorative Mason Jars

Any of these Mason Jar decorating ideas by Linda at Mason Jar Crafts Love are wonderful sources of inspiration to reuse old mason jars. Seeing three decorated jars filled with flowers in the middle of a St. Patrick’s Day tablescape would make for such a classy display to show off your Irish pride.

This Rainbow Shamrock Garland

This Rainbow Shamrock Garland made by Danyelle from Make and Takes is a rainbow-loving Irish dream come true. It is also a wonderful DIY Project to help you hone your sewing machine skills, by practicing straight lines and consistent speed to control the thread while connecting each clover together to make the garland.

This St. Patrick’s Day Shadow Box

This St. Patrick’s Day Shadow Box made by Kati from Houseful of Handmade is a labor of love; however, the results are phenomenal. This DIY looks as though it is straight from a department store, and even if you don’t want to practice your skills with power tools to make it, it can still serve as inspiration to decorate a purchased shadow box.

This Yarn-Covered Clover Garland

I love that this yarn DIY St. Patrick’s Day Garland made by April from Love Our Real Life can be made by anyone with any craft skill level, so long as you can hold a thread of yarn. Plus, this is so cute! You could change the colors to be different shades of green, rainbow, or the colors of the Irish flag. This same yarn-wrapping concept could apply to other shapes as well, such as hearts for St. Valentine’s Day.

A Collections of These Mini Rainbow Piñatas

These DIY St. Patrick’s Day Mini Rainbow Piñatas made by Tonya from 5 Minutes for Mom are so much fun. I love these. I love that the tutorial has such great written instructions and includes step-by-step photos. Who wants to be the COOLEST parent ever and blow away an entire class of kids by making and bringing these piñatas to your child’s St. Patrick’s Day class party? You. You want to be that cool parent. Each kid can get their own. Ohhhhh or each kid could make their own: you could create the shape and they could decorate it, so that you don’t go insane from making 30 individual piñatas. Either way, these are amazing.

Thank you for reading!

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P.S. St. Patrick was born British. Someone had to tell you.

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