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Repurposing Your Doilies and Lace Fabric

Do you have any doilies or lace scraps that are just waiting to be used? I do! Every time I see my lace stash among my fabric, I have an internal battle over whether or not to just throw them away or save them for future projects. Lace is just to pretty to trash; so, I went on Pinterest for some inspiration and found plenty of it! I couldn’t just not share my findings; so…

Here are some unique ideas for how to repurpose your doily and lace treasures. Tutorials for each project can be found by clicking the photos, photo titles, or the name of the blogs mentioned in the descriptions. Enjoy!

Decorate Flower Pots with Lace Trim

Pretty Lace Flower Pots

Two words: Simply Stunning! These flowerpots made by Elsie from A Beautiful Mess are a fantastic use of lace trim and even scraps of lace from other projects. Just imagine having these beauties displayed in your home. Being able to take a cheap flowerpot and transform it into this, is a Cinderella story that every plant dreams of.

Create Decoupaged Lace Coasters

These lace coasters made by a guest from the Mod Podge Rocks blog would be a chic addition to your home decor, blending functionality with the beauty of handmade design and possibly recycled lace. These would be such a wonderful craft to make and gift; I’m thinking Mother’s Day, housewarming, birthday, stocking stuffers, teacher appreciation, the list goes on….

Turn Lace Trim into a Pair of Earrings

These DIY earrings made by Justine at Mod Podge Rocks are an elegant way to add a feminine touch to your accessories. These earrings would match just about anything in your wardrobe, easily transitioning from a blue jean day to an evening gown.

Cut Lace into a Decorative Shape, like this Bunny

This lace bunny by Amy from DIY Candy is the epitome of spring. The rough burlap canvas combined with the delicate lace is a perfect combination.

This idea can be adapted to other holidays and occasions as well. I’m thinking of a lace seashell, orange lace pumpkin, black lace Halloween witch hat or spider, a lace Christmas tree or ornament, a white lace snowflake, a red lace heart, this list could just keep on going, but I’ll let your imagination run with it.

Imprint Clay with Lace Doilies for Trinket Dishes

This doily pressed pottery idea by Maggie at Victoria Mag is genius. The finished product looks like a million bucks, and the process is simple to follow. These would make a wonderful DIY gift.

Make Lace Doily Bowls

These lace doily bowl by FP Julia from Blog Free People are perfect for gifts! They look so fancy, and yet the tutorial is so doable. These would make beautiful trinket dishes, light potpourri holders, accent pieces, and more.

Sew Doilies Together for a Table Runner

This lace doily table runner by an unnamed author from Craft Warehouse is stunning! I love this idea for those sentimental doilies that have been passed down by loved ones who has passed away.

When a loved one dies, holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, when we gather around the table can be extremely difficult and often accentuates the feeling of their absence. However, to be able to take something, such as a doily, that belonged to that person and literally weave it into the middle of the festivities is a beautiful tribute to those who have passed, their presence is felt. I love this.

Use Lace to Paint a Glass Vase

This Dollar Tree Vase Refresh is from @peonyaccents on TikTok is such a great idea! This vase went from mundane to chic in just a few steps. I would never guess that this finished vase came from the Dollar Tree.

Sew Together a Lace Doily Pillow

This lace doily pillow cushion by Beth from Love From Beth is the epitome of farmhouse chic. The combination of the soft ashy grey pillow and crisp white doily is a match made in Heaven. This project is an opportunity to not only reuse your doilies, but also to bring new life to an otherwise plain pillow.

Thank you for reading!

I know I will be crafting with lace soon and I hope you too have been inspired to recycle or repurpose your lace fabric.

What was your favorite idea from this list? Also, if you do create a lace masterpiece, feel free to share your photos below or on my facebook page:

Have a beautiful day.

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