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10 Garden Projects to Try this Spring

Ten Garden Projects to Try this Spring


I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of spring is gardening. I love to garden. I love plants. I love flowers. I love planting new flowers to learn how they grow. I love the dirt. I don’t love the worms, but that’s okay. Not every activity is perfect. 

If you are looking for new ways to spruce up your garden game and try something new this year you’re in the right place! Here is a list of garden projects for you to try this spring.

1. Start a Garden Journal

A Garden Journal is a great way to keep track of all your gardening needs. 

You can journal things like: 

  • When to water
  • Collect pressed flowers for decorations
  • The last time you sprayed for bugs
  • Draw garden layouts before you plant
  • Keep track of bloom times and plant schedules
  • When to fertilize
  • And whatever else your heart desires

You can create your own journal using things you have at home Or you can purchase and download my printable Garden Journal HERE

So many Options!

2. Try a Raised Table Garden

I love a tabletop garden for three reasons:

  1. Less bugs  (totally better protection from worms and grubs)
  2. No bending over for harvest
  3. I can add more decorations     

What do you need for a tabletop garden? 

  • A Sturdy Outdoor Table
  • Pots
  • Soil
  • Plants

You can use almost any plant that has a small root system. AKA can thrive in a pot. On my table, you can see a few examples: lettuce, cabbage, strawberries, onions, and herbs. I also added some flowers to attract bees to better pollinate my strawberries. 

3. Grow Something You Can Eat

Last year was the first time I ever grew food I would eat. (I’m a picky eater.) 

I loved it!

If you have never grown something you can eat I highly recommend it! I think it does so much good for the soul. It teaches the struggle of growing food, how great home-grown food tastes, and provides such a wonderful sense of pride when it is time to harvest. Try it with your whole family. 

4. Make a Fairy Garden

You’ve seen them. I love them. If you need any inspiration on making one check out my How to Make a Fairy Garden Blog coming soon.

5. Make Your Own Plant Markers

I like these large craft sticks. They are basically oversized popsicle sticks and they useful for so many different projects! I used them here to create plant markers. All you need is the large craft stick, some waterproof paint, and a paint pen. 

You can make plant markers from so many different things:

  • Painted Rocks
  • Stamped Oven-Baked Clay
  • Wood Slices

These are the Jumbo Craft Sticks that I used throughout these projects. Love them!

6. Create a Corner That is All Yours

Everyone deserves a space of their own. Mine is shown in this picture. So why not make your own special corner in your garden? My corner sort of started by accident. There was just this unoccupied boring space. It needed some spunk. 

A few “antique” items from my dad’s garage hoard were donated to the cause, filled with dirt, add some plants, a fairy garden or two, some statues, flamingo lights, hummingbird feeder, bird houses, wind chimes from my childhood, and boom suddenly here was this beautiful corner filled with all of my favorite things. 

Make your own special spot filled with your favorite things and have a place to look at and relax throughout the spring and summer seasons.

7. Make a Bee Watering Station

We all know the importance of and urgency to keep our bee populations thriving. Keep your garden bee friendly by creating a bee watering station this spring. The concept is pretty simple: working bees work so hard they get thirsty. Water them!

What You Need:

  • A Shallow Dish 
  • Pebbles
  • Clean Water
  • Optional: a cute welcome sign made from a craft stick and paint

Place your shallow dish into a secure spot, where the wind cannot blow it away. I like to place them straight into the pot of flowers, sort of like one stop shopping. Fill your dish with the pebbles and water. 

*This project will require some maintenance work. You will need to clean the dish and pebbles and then replenish the water as needed. This is to ensure that the water is safe for the bees to drink, and to avoid any pests that may want to use the water for themselves (such as mosquitoes who lay their eggs in stagnant water).  

8. Add Unexpected Touches

I made these cute little signs out of those craft sticks I keep mentioning, but you can make your own garden crafts. Adding small trinkets to your garden is what truly personalizes it. 

Sure, flowers are beautiful on their own, but to see homemade trinkets along beside them will just bring extra joy to your heart.

Make something beautiful and add it to your garden. Involve the whole family to allow everyone to feel the same joy from seeing their own pieces of art in the garden.

Here are some ideas for small projects to add a touch of whimsy to your garden:

  • Paint Colorful Rocks
  • Make Signs with Garden Sayings from Scrap Wood
  • Repaint Old Yard Sale Finds (maybe a chipped birdhouse, or a faded plastic statues
  • Paint Your Own Pots
  • Arrange Rocks into Different Shapes Around the Flowerbed

9. Grow an Herd Garden

There is just something so spectacular with fresh herbs. They just taste better. You can preserve them by hanging them to dry, then use your herbs throughout the year. 

Here are some ideas of what to do with your herbs:

  • Use dried herbs for homemade tea. 
  • Sprinkle fresh herbs on your salad. (Basil, Tarragon, Cilantro, etc.)
  • Use herbs in endless combinations with your favorite recipes.
  • Make lavender sachets to hang in your closet. 
  • Make mint sachet keychains for your backpack to keep mosquitoes away naturally while hiking. 
  • Make an eye pillow filled with dried flaxseed, lavender, and mint for headache relief. 
  • You can even save dried herbs in glass containers to pass out as Christmas gifts!

10. Make Your Own Watering Bottles

For project details, visit my DIY Mini Wine Bottle Self Watering System HERE.

You can also simply see how far my photography skills have come in the past year.

There you go. 10 garden projects to try this spring. 

I hope you enjoy.

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