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Floral Wooden Sign Craft Kit Instructions

Who is ready for a new craft kit from Unplanned Whimsy? Meeeeeee and after this post you will be ready too!

This DIY post is specifically for a purchased craft kit that you can find on my Etsy shop HERE as well as other finished products similar to this floral sign if you would like to leave the crafting assembly to me.

Floral Wooden Sign DIY Craft Kit

I started making these signs after becoming slightly obsessed with making felt flowers and am so excited to share this project with you. Now I can supply you with everything you need to create whimsical projects and memorable moments.

Let’s get started!

Step One: Order Your Craft Kit

You will first need to choose your DIY Kit from my Etsy Shop HERE

As you can see from the picture there are several different options for colors and sayings/phrases. Choose your favorite and create something beautiful.

Step Two: Gather Your Supplies

In this purchased kit you will receive:

  • An 8×8 inch Wood Canvas
  • Precut Green Felt Wreath
  • Precut Flowers (in the Color of your Choosing at Time of Purchase)
  • Prepared Vinyl Cutout in a Quote or Saying (a Phrase of your Choosing at Time of Purchase, the color will coordinate with the flowers)
  • Vinyl Transfer Tape
  • Extra Pieces
  • Adhesive not included

*Additionally you will need adhesive to hold your project together. I highly recommend using a glue gun; however, if you would like to make this a more child-friendly project feel free to use felt glue to make the flowers attaching felt to felt. When gluing felt to wood you will need a stronger bond (again I recommend hot glue but…) using carpenter or wood glue will work.

Step Three: Place Everything in its Place

Get a sense of where things go. You can skip this step if you would like to, but it’s nice to have a visual before getting started.

Do not glue anything in this step, that will come later.

Step Four: Preparing your Vinyl for Transfer

Applying the transfer tape to the vinyl letters:

Using this straight edge object to apply even pressure will help the vinyl peel away from its protective sheet and onto the transfer tape.

Your straight edge object could be a ruler (as shown), the hard cover of a book, card stock or paper that has been folded to create a thick tool that is not easily bent, a straight piece of a cardboard box that has been cut to a workable size, etc.

Transferring the vinyl onto the tape:

Peel the paper from a side angle, as shown in the second photo, instead of pulling from above. This trick will help you peel the paper away while being sure the vinyl will stick to the tape with ease. Also, move slowly. You’ve got this!

Step Four: Attach the Vinyl to the Wood

You don’t want the vinyl to stick to the wood immediately incase you need to adjust the placement of the cutout to be sure it is centered and straight.

Removing the wreath will allow you to work freely with the vinyl cutout.

Using the flat edge tool in this case will help to remove any bubbles that may occur under the vinyl letters during transfer.

Step Five: Glue the Green Felt Wreath onto the Wood

Be sure to lay it out to where you would like it to stick.

When gluing, lift the wreath slightly in small sections as to not move the wreath from where you just laid it out. You should lift the sections just high enough to get the glue under the felt.

Step Six: Create your Flowers

Dividing the pieces into three piles based on size and shape allows you to keep track of them easier, but feel free to skip this step.

Here are the steps for creating your flowers:

Place glue in between each layer to keep them together.

Step Seven: Attach the Finished Flowers to the Wreath

Step Eight: Enjoy!

You did a great job!

If you purchase this product or create a floral wood sign inspired by this DIY please share your photos either in the comments below or on Unplanned Whimsy’s Facebook Page HERE

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