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Fifteen Home Remedies for Nausea Relief

Nausea can be caused by so many health conditions, viruses, and general illness that it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing long periods of nausea, vomiting, or relating symptoms such as dehydration, headaches, dizziness, or likewise. Take care of you!

Fifteen Home Remedies for Nausea Relief

1. Seaband Bracelet

This is truly my first go to when it comes to nausea relief and it works every time. EVERY TIME.

The trick to this wonderful little bracelet is that it uses a natural pressure point in your wrist to relieve nausea. I’m not going to pretend as though I am an expert capable of explaining exactly how this works; however, I can say that there is a ball in the bracelet that puts compression on the pressure point in your wrist to activate the nausea relief.

It can be a bit tricky the first few times to find exactly where to place the ball when you are wearing the bracelet, but once you do it is magic.


2. Ginger Tea

You can purchase ginger tea bags or make your own.

I make my ginger tea by slicing ginger root and placing it inside of a tea steeper. Then I steep the ginger in hot water with a few drops of lemon; sometimes I also add honey.

The lemon and honey are truly for taste and are totally optional.

3. Ginger Candies

4. Ginger Ale

5. Water

This is pretty simple, but important to remember: vomiting will dehydrate you. If you are experiencing nausea with vomiting, drink water. You need to stay hydrated to build back your strength.


6. Peppermint Candies

Peppermint candies usually help my stomach when I am ill. It is easy to just pop a peppermint candy in my mouth while I try to do other things, like live my life, to distract me from the nausea.

Please please please do not fall asleep with a peppermint candy in your mouth. You can choke and die and I love you and don’t want you to put yourself in danger!

I say this because I know that when I get a migraine I am struck with nausea and then am exhausted and want to nap. Spit out your peppermint candies if you feel exhausted or are wanting to lay down to rest.

7. Peppermint Tea

8. Peppermint Essential Oils

Peppermint essential oil can be used to help relieve nausea in several ways:

  • Place several drops on your abdomen and then massage the oil to soothe your stomach
  • Carefully inhale the oil to soothe your nausea

9. A Cold Compress

A cold compress can absolutely help to ease nausea pain and symptoms.

I place a cold compress directly on the stomach for immediate relief.

Also, if you are experiencing symptoms beyond nausea such as headaches, vomiting, or fever, placing the cold compress on the forehead can provide relief.

Remember: Always place a towel or similar barrier between your skin and direct ice to prevent your skin from burning.

Try to Eat Something

With symptoms unique to my own body and health conditions, sometimes the feeling of nausea is a clue that I need to eat; however, when I (and am sure you too) am feeling nauseous eating is the last thing I want to do.

So here are some light meals/ snack ideas that help to ease my stomach. These items may not have any actual scientific reasons as to why they help ease my nausea, but they were given to me as a child by my mom and she knew to offer these nausea menu items because my grandmother gave them to her when she was young and ill.

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