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Easy Halloween Deer Makeup with Products You Already Own

Easy Halloween Deer Make Up with Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

Add White Around the Eyes, Upper Cheeks, and Top of Nose

The first step is to add white around the eyes, upper cheeks, and top of the nose. Again, this simple DIY can be accomplished with things you most likely already have in your bathroom so I used a cotton pad to apply the eyeshadow. You could also use a cotton ball.

Use your cotton pad to pat the white eyeshadow around the eyes and nose. The patting motion will allow an even coating without blending the white into any base makeup you may already have on.

Apply the Brown on Lower Cheeks and Forehead

For this step, I started using the cotton pad with the same patting application process as I used with the white eyeshadow. Pat the brown eyeshadow along the lining of the white on the lower cheeks. This helps to draw a clean line between the two colors.

Then, blend the brown color from the lower cheeks down into the natural color of her skin. To accomplish a blended look with the brown eyeshadow, use a small powder brush to pull the color down toward the chin.

Then repeat the same process along the hairline pulling the dark brown down the forehead.

(You could use a cotton pad for this entire step by changing the pad to a clean one with each layer of blending as you move further away from the darkest points.)

Also, while doing this makeup, I forgot to have Amber (my lovely sister & model) tilt her head down so that I could actually see her hairline. This is why you can see her natural skin tone in the space between the dark brown and her hairline. Don’t make this same mistake. You may not see it in your selfies, pictures, or mirror, but later when you go through those pics to edit them You Will Notice.

Touch Up the White

After you are satisfied with your brown application, you should go ahead and touch up the white again.

This will help to accentuate the clean line between the white and brown eyeshadow on the cheeks.

(This is also essential if you are like me and bump into the nose 100 times while applying the brown.)

Add Those Bambi White Dots

To add the white dots, use a Q-tip. One dot at a time take the top of the Q-tip and pat it into the white eyeshadow then press the Q-tip on to the skin where you would like the dot to be. Replace the Q-tip each time you make a dot (flip the side and get two uses).

If you do not change the Q-tip between applications you risk the chance of blending in the white. So you’ll have light spots that you then have to add more brown to and blend out again, instead of clean crisp dots.

Fun fact: choosing to have white spots on your face/ costume makes you a fawn! Baby deer are born with white spots and then lose them as they become older… which then makes the antlers you may wear questionable, but we’re going for cute not biologically accurate. Anyways…

Add as many or as little as you would like. I prefer to keep the dots closer to the edges of the face to really frame the face and accent the eyes and nose without looking too busy.

Create the Eyes

First, apply your eyeshadow. You can go ahead and choose from your brown eyeshadow palette! For this palette, the darkest brown is to be applied in the crease and outer corners. I then use the copper color on each lid closer to the outer corners, the gold across the middle of the lid, and the white in the inner corners.

Small note, Amber is afraid of people getting close to her eyes. If this were a video tutorial there would be some hyperventilating, choice words, tears, threats, and other sisterly acts of encouragement. All photos are staged and yes you can barely notice the four colors of eyeshadows. Anyways…

Once the eyeshadow is taken care of you will need to break out one more crucial product from your makeup bag: Eyeliner! For this particular look I decided to apply the eyeliner inside of the water line

Add Accessories

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