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DIY Rag Wreath in Four Easy Steps

As we are spending more time at home with our family this summer, some of us are struggling to find activities to do. This DIY rag wreath is a wonderful project to do with the family this summer, because it is so simple that everyone can get involved! (Though the use of fabric scissors should be done by an adult.) It is also a great quiet time craft for the kids to do while you are on that zoom conference call for work.

I love this DIY wreath because it can be made into any color combination you wish to match your summer home decor, and truly anyone at any crafting level can make it. So, let’s get started…

DIY Rag Wreath in Four Easy Steps

Step One: Gather Supplies

You will Need:

  • One Wire Ring Wreath Base
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Fabric
    • For my wreath, I used a combination of bandanas and cotton fabric squares from the local fabric store
  • Optional: Pinking Scissors

What are pinking scissors?

Pinking scissors are sawtoothed fabric scissors that create a zigzag pattern to help minimize fraying on the edges.

I chose to use pinking scissor on the bandanas, because they were a bit thin and began to fray as I attached them to the wire ring wreath.

Step Two: Cut Fabric into Strips

Cut the fabric into strips that are about 10 inches in length and 1.5 inches thick.

Secret Tip: This does not have to be an exact measurement, because once the strips are all snug together on the garland no one is going to notice imperfections. Shhhhhhh

Step Three: Attach Fabric Strips onto the Wreath Ring

Take the first strip and lay it under the metal wreath ring, as shown below.

Then, create a standard knot to attach the fabric strip to the metal wreath ring, as shown in the photos below.

Pull the knot tight to create a secure hold onto the wreath. There is no need to create a double knot; the single knot shown is sufficient and uses less fabric.

Next, simply continue to add fabric strips. In my wreath sample, I used red, white, and blue fabric strips and therefore continued a pattern of red strip, white strip, blue strip, and repeat while creating the wreath.

*Once you have added a a significant amount of fabric strips, you may notice that the fabric is laying flat and lacks the “fluffy” look of a rag wreath; this is shown in the photo to the left. To correct this, simply take your fabric strips and turn them in different directions/ angles, as shown in the photo to the right.

Just keep adding fabric strips and adding more strips and adding even more strips and adding and adding and adding and adding and adding…

This is a good project to do while watching a movie.

You can even get your pets to help!

Princess enjoyed sitting in the middle of the wreath judging my every action while I worked.

Step Four: Enjoy!

Look at the beautiful masterpiece that you have created and enjoy every square inch of that wreath knowing all of the work that went into making it!

Thank you for reading. I hope you have a safe and fun summer season! Visit my blog throughout the summer season to find more project ideas, gardening tips, and craft kits.

You can even check out a similar project HERE to create a matching rag garland.

(You’ll find that a lot of the wording is the same, thanks to cut and paste.)

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