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DIY Rag Garland in Four Easy Steps

This summer may be one like we’ve never seen before. Wearing a face mask is hot. There is hesitation to go out of the house. Activities around town are canceled. Social distancing is killing your social life. Work meetings are now online where somehow everyone always forgets where the mute button is so they can engage in the conversation. Places that were once for entertainment are now closed. Daycares are closed. Summer programs are canceled. Summer Camps are closed.

We are stuck in our homes with our family members looking around wondering what could we possibly do today to pass the time. Well, you can craft! This DIY rag garland is the perfect activity to pass the time and create something whimsical together.

I love this DIY rag garland because it can be made into any color combination you wish to match your summer home decor, and truly anyone at any crafting level can make it. So, let’s get started…

DIY Rag Garland in Four Easy Steps

Step One: Gather Supplies

You will Need:

  • Rope
    • In whatever length you want the garland to be
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Fabric
    • For my wreath, I used a combination of bandanas and cotton fabric squares from the local fabric store
  • Optional: Pinking Scissors

What are pinking scissors?

Pinking scissors are sawtoothed fabric scissors that create a zigzag pattern to help minimize fraying on the edges.

Step Two: Cut Fabric into Strips

Cut the fabric into strips that are about 10 inches in length and 1.5 inches thick.

Secret Tip: This does not have to be an exact measurement, because once the strips are all snug together on the garland no one is going to notice imperfections. Shhhhhhh

Step Three: Attach Fabric Strips onto the Wreath Ring

Take the first strip and lay it under the rope, as shown below.

Then, create a standard knot to attach the fabric strip to the metal wreath ring, as shown in the photos below. Be sure to pull the knot tight to create a secure hold onto the rope.

Next, simply continue to add fabric strips. In my garland sample, I used red, white, and blue fabric strips; and therefore continued a pattern of red strip, white strip, blue strip, and repeat while creating the garland.

Continue to add fabric strips to the rope. Every now and then push the fabric strips against one another to create a snug fit and a fuller garland.

Just keep adding fabric strips and adding more strips and adding even more strips and adding and adding and adding and adding and adding…

Optional Step:

I decided to add wooden stars to the ends of my garland. Unfortunately, the pictures that I thought I took of this process are actually nonexistent, so I’m sorry.

To to this step, I purchased wood star cutouts from Amazon that had predrilled holes to allow the stars to be strung like a Christmas ornament. Then, I painted the stars red, white, and blue to match the color scheme of my garland. Finally, I strung the stars onto the garland with embroidery thread. This allowed the stars to dangle from the garland for a special touch.

Step Four: Enjoy!

Look at the beautiful masterpiece that you have created and enjoy every square inch of that garland knowing all of the work that went into making it!

Seriously, job well done!

Ideas for what to do with the garland:

  • Lay it on the fireplace to brighten the family room
  • Hang it over a door frame
  • Lay it on the credenza around similar festive decor
  • Hang it over the entrance of your home to welcome guests
  • Lay it across the guest bedroom headboard
  • Hang it on a gallery wall with family photos (for my theme old fourth of July photos would be adorable and festive)
  • Lay it as a centerpiece on the dining room table with fake candles to brighten the atmosphere
  • Hang it across the front porch banister

*There are so many possibilities! I only recommend that you keep in mind that just as any outdoor decor, the garland will fade in color with long periods of sun exposure and harsh weather.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this project and have a wonderful summer season. Visit my blog throughout the summer season to find more project ideas, gardening tips, and craft kits.

You can even check out a similar project HERE to create a matching rag wreath.

(You’ll find that a lot of the wording is the same, thanks to cut and paste.)

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