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Free Printable DIY Seed Packets

Collecting seeds from your garden is fun and frugal! Almost everything in your garden produces seeds that are totally easy to collect and plant later. Whether you are planting your collected seeds in a few weeks or keeping them for next year’s garden you will need somewhere to store them.

These DIY seed packets are a perfect way to store your seeds, because the paper is porous and will allow adequate airflow to the seeds to keep them dry, as well as allowing you to label the packets to know what is inside.

So my garden lovers, here is an easy DIY just for you!


To Print Click HERE

Once you have printed out your DIY seed packets, you will need scissors, glue, and whatever seeds you would like to store.

Making these seed packets are as easy as:


Fold Along the Scored Lines

Glue the Flaps Together to Create an Envelope

Open the Envelope

Fill the Envelope with Seeds

Label and Seal the Envelopes

Be sure to keep your seeds stored in a dry environment for next season.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this free printable.

Happy gardening!

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