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How to Harvest Marigold Seeds

If you have ever made a purchase from Unplanned Whimsy, you are familiar with my love of marigold seeds. Whenever I send an order out, I always try to include an envelope of seeds from my garden. I sort of find it symbolic, that just as their order has helped my business grow, their marigolds… Continue reading How to Harvest Marigold Seeds

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How to Propagate Coleus

I love coleus! There is something about their variety of bright colors, ease of propagation, long growing periods, ease of adapting to different environments, ability to grow indoors and even bloom throughout the entire year, and of course their beauty, that all sums up as to why coleus is one of my favorite plants. One… Continue reading How to Propagate Coleus

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Free Printable DIY Seed Packets

Collecting seeds from your garden is fun and frugal! Almost everything in your garden produces seeds that are totally easy to collect and plant later. Whether you are planting your collected seeds in a few weeks or keeping them for next year's garden you will need somewhere to store them. These DIY seed packets are… Continue reading Free Printable DIY Seed Packets