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Halloween Character Banner Craft Kit Instructions

This DIY post is specifically for a purchased craft kit that you can find on my Etsy shop.

If you have ever met me, or read some of my fall blog posts, you would know that I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I love everything about it! Candy, decorating my home, dressing up, wearing spooky makeup, hayrides, corn mazes, haunted houses, pulling pranks, being scared, decorating pumpkins, crafting, eating Halloween themed food, making a graveyard in the front lawn, reminiscing on parties past, scary movies, non scary Halloween movies, seeing all of your neighbors trick or treating, did I mention candy? What’s not to love?

So, of course I needed to create a Halloween craft kit for all of you gruesome ghouls to enjoy! I couldn’t settle on just one design though, so I created FIVE Halloween Characters for you to be able to choose from or you could buy them all because they are just that cute!!

You can find them for purchase HERE on my Etsy shop!

Halloween Character Banner Craft Kits

What is Included in Each Character’s Craft Kit?

Each Halloween character banner has their own unique set of included pieces, as you can see below.

Though each character has their own unique list of pieces and features, they all share the same basic steps for assembly. For that reason, I will not be posting a tutorial for each individual character.

HOWEVER, if you would like me to do a step by step instructional post for a particular character I absolutely can and will do that for you. Just leave a comment at the bottom of this post or send me an email at

For this Craft Kit tutorial, I will be making the Witch Banner.

(She has the most steps and a tricky hairpiece; so, let’s do this!)

Step One: Order Your Craft Kit and Gather Your Supplies

The Witch Banner Craft Kit Includes:

  • 1 Precut Lime Green Mini Felt Banner
  • 1 Precut Orange Felt Hair Piece
  • 1 Precut Black Felt Witch Hat with a Purple Hat Band and Golden Buckle
  • Precut Felt Facial Features:
    • 1 Black Mouth, 1 White Tooth, 1 Lime Green Nose, 4 Green Warts, 2 Black Eyebrows, 2 Lime Green Eyelids, and 1 Set of Two Eyes (2 White Scleras, 2 Purple Irises, 2 Black Pupils, and 2 Small White Highlights)
  • 1 Wooden Dowel
  • 2 Felt Squares
  • Twine

Additional Information: 

  • These craft kits contain small pieces that can be a choking hazard.
  • Banners are about 6″ in width and 9″ long
  • Banner has precut holes to thread the wooden dowel through 
  • Dowel Rod is 6 inches in length and 0.25 inches in diameter  
  • Additionally, you will need adhesive to hold your project together. I recommend using a glue gun; however, if you would like to make this a more child-friendly project feel free to use felt glue
  • A glue gun provides a shorter waiting time for drying, allowing your project to be finished sooner.
  • Felt glue will work fine, but there will be delayed crafting as you wait for the glue to dry in-between steps.
  • It is up to you, so long as you do this craft safely and have fun.

Step Two: Assemble the Hat

First, glue the hat band across the rim of the hat. Next, attach the gold buckle, as shown below.

Step Three: Attach the Dowel to the Banner

Slide the dowel rod through the two precut holes at the top of the banner, making sure that the middle of the rod is visible to the back of the banner (as shown below in the photo to the right) and the two ends of the dowel visible from the front (as shown below in the photo to the right).

*This is the same when making the Jack O’ Lantern; however, for all of the other characters (Vampire, Frankenstein, Mummy, and the Witch) the photo to the left is the front of the banner, and the photo to the right is the back of the banner.

Step Four: Add Twine to the Banner

The twine will be threaded through the same holes as the dowel, one side at a time.

To do this, take one end of the twine and thread it through one of the holes in the banner starting from the front and pushing it through to the back of the banner, as shown below.

Once your twine is thread to the back of the banner, tie it to the dowel. Follow the same steps on the other side of the dowel, so that both sides are tied (as shown below).

Step Five: Attach the Hair to the Banner

For this step, you will need your prepared banner and precut hairpiece.

To attach the hairpiece, lay a strip of glue across the top of the green banner above the dowel, as shown below in the photo to the right. Carefully, as to not burn yourself with hot glue, hold the felt in place while it dries.

Once the top strip of glue is dry, place a second strip of glue below the dowel. Then, drape the felt hairpiece across the dowel and carefully hold it in place until the glue dries, as shown below.

*It is important for the hairpiece to fold over the dowel while glueing it to the banner, because that will ensure that the front of the banner remains flat.

*To ensure that the front of your other character banners are flat, take their hair piece and lay it flat while you fold the banner over the dowel to glue it in place. Take a peek at Steps 4 and 5 in my Alpaca Banner Craft Kit Instructions HERE for a better understanding of that process.

Shortening the Twine After Securing Your Knots:

If you would like to shorten the length of your twine, simply wrap the twine around the dowel in the front of the banner. Feel free to glue these wrapped portions of twine to the banner if you want to keep them in place.

Step Six: Attach the Hat to the Banner

To attach the Witch’s hat to the banner, start by adding a strip of glue across the top of the banner and laying the hat in place.

Once the hat is attached to the banner, the hair must be trimmed or tucked into the back of the hat. I chose to add a bit of glue to the corners of the hairpiece and attach them to the back of the hat, as shown below in the last pictur.

After the hat is secured to the banner, it will need to be secured to the twine, in order to be sure that it will not become floppy due to its size. To secure the hat to the twine, first hold the twine as if you were going to hang it, so that you will know where the top of the twine is. While doing so, you will also see where the tip of the Witch’s hat will touch the twine; which is the location of where the hat will be glued to the twine. Next, take the black square felt piece (included in the kit) and add glue to one side. Then, take the square and lay it on the twine and hat to keep them secured together.

Step Seven: Assemble the Eyes

Take the large white circles and lay them down; this is the base of the eyes. Next, add the purple, black, and smaller white circles to the white base to create the eyes.

Step Eight: Attach the Facial Features

First, lay out where you want everything to go, in order to give you a clear picture of how your ghoulish Witch will look.

Then, glue the facial features into place, as shown below.

Step Nine: Enjoy!

This Witch is ready to fly!

Don’t forget that there are other Halloween banners too!

You know, incase your Witch needs a friend.

Thank you for crafting with me!

Have a spooky Halloween full of more treats than tricks!!

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