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Ten No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas that Go Beyond the Average Painted Gourd

Oh my gourd ya’ll it is pumpkin decorating season! I must tell you a secret, because although you may have read that I am obsessed with all things Halloween, I do not like to carve pumpkins. Actually, I really hate it and try to avoid the tradition all together. The actual carving effort hurts my wrists (they’re messed up), the raw pumpkin insides just smell funky, the guts are slimy and make everything so slippery which makes such a big yucky mess. For all of those who love to carve their pumpkins, that’s awesome, but this post just isn’t for you.

There are so many non-carving alternatives when it comes to decorating pumpkins!

For this post, I decided to leave out all of the artistically painted pumpkins from Pinterest, and create a list of uniquely decorated pumpkins that anyone at any skill level can easily accomplish. I hope some of these ideas help to inspire you to try something new the next time you decorate a pumpkin.

Ten No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas that Go Beyond the Average Painted Gourd

1. Countdown to Halloween Chalkboard Pumpkin

This fantastic idea for a unique countdown to Halloween is from Fun365.

2. Day of the Dead Decoupaged Coloring Page Pumpkin

This Day of the Dead DIY stems from a Free Printable Coloring Page from Fun365 that is easy to color and decoupage to a white pumpkin for a seamless finish that will impress your loved ones.

3. Drip Paint Pumpkin

This fun pumpkin art project comes from Better Homes & Garden; it’s like painting, but without all of the effort.

4. Floral Crowned Unicorn Pumpkin

This magical creation is also from Home & Garden and just looks so darn cute.

5. Pumpkin Floral Arrangements

I am obsessed with this DROP DEAD spooky floral arrangement from The Girl Inspired. It has both the trick and the treats: a pink pumpkin, blush roses, a delicate peony, an eyeball, severed skeletons, and more!
This beautiful artificial pumpkin floral arrangement from BsCozyCottageCrafts on Etsy (though it is currently sold out). It serves as inspiration for the perfect excuse to bust out your coupons for faux flowers, search that discount bin of artificial pumpkins and get to work!

6. Nail Polish Marbled Pumpkins

Home & Garden does it again with these nail polish marbled mini pumpkins. I’m sure you’ve got a bottle or two of polish that is just about ready to be thrown away; why not use those last drops to help in creating something spectacular?!
This is a monotoned version by Alice & Lois that is stunning.

7. Melted Crayon Pumpkin

I found this colorful explosion of awesome at and am thinking of all of those broken crayons I have in my craft room… YESSSS

8. Spooky Paper Bat Pumpkin

This batty pumpkin design is by It All Started With Paint and is just the right balance of looking like I tried really hard and secretly it was so easy.

9. Napkin Decoupaged Pumpkin

The magnificent design on this pumpkin is a napkin! They used a napkin. A Napkin! This is beautiful. I think, if you create this DIY by you should do it on an artificial pumpkin so that you can keep it forever!

10. Mini Lawn Flamingo Pumpkins

These mini lawn flamingo pumpkins from Aww Sam are straight up magical! I can just imagine a flock of these babies in my planters, yard, garden, porch, inside, outside, anywhere. I love these!!!

Thank you for reading! If you use any of these ideas to decorate your own pumpkin, please share your photos below, on any of Unplanned Whimsy’s social media, or on the original source from which the individual pumpkins came from.

Happy Halloween!

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