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Last Minute Halloween Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy

So, it’s almost Halloween and you’re still trying to come up with something to do at home with your family, in your bubble, and still have fun? Well my friend, this list is for YOU!! These last minute Halloween activities are a great way to celebrate the joy of this spooky season with you loved ones.

I hope you enjoy and have so much fun creating and playing these many activities!

Halloween Truth OR Scare

Britni at Play Party Plan has created a Halloween version of a classic party game with printable cards available for purchase through her blog. Although the cards are for purchase, she lists 100 truths and scares (dares) to get your creative juices flowing, so that you can make your own cards. I love the idea of playing with cards because it keeps the game controlled and family friendly.

Printable I Spy Halloween Activity

Everyone loves a good I Spy game, and this adorable I Spy Halloween Activity from Brittany at Paper Trail Design does not disappoint! This is a perfect quiet-time Halloween activity… or maybe a rowdy competition to see who can find all of the items the fastest!!

DIY Pumpkin Golf

Personally, I have a ton of fake pumpkins that I use as decorations every fall, and this Pumpkin Golf Halloween activity by Kimberly at A Girl with a Glue Gun is such a fun way to actually use them! If you don’t have a fake pumpkin to carve, you can purchase them at any craft store. Pumpkin golf is definitely a fun Halloween game that the whole family can enjoy!

Printable DIY Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Masks

If you love to color, then these Printable Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Masks from Brittany at Paper Trail Design just may be the Halloween activity for you. If you don’t like to color but still want to make a sugar skull mask, she also offers a variety of colored-in printable options. This could even be a last minute Halloween costume!

Boo Bowling Game

This Boo Bowling game from Maria at Channel Mum on Youtube shows just how easy it is to create something fun to do with simple things from around the house. All you need is a little imagination.

Then, she shows a second activity, a Mummy Wrap Game with toilet paper. Maria has a fun time wrapping her little mummies, but I like a little competition; so, below is a different version of the game by Kids Compete on BabyLeague on Youtube…

Mummy Wrap Competitive Game

You could play Mummy Wrap by simply wrapping your kids in toilet paper like Maria, create a single winner competition like this video here, or even play in teams.

When I had Halloween parties growing up and even through high school, we played Mummy Wrap with teams of about three or four. Each team had a mummy selected and the other teammates would wrap them in toilet paper. We would play a Halloween song, like the Monster Mash, and when the song was over everyone stopped. Whoever had the best wrapped mummy won. Bonus points were added for style and originality. I once took the time to quickly make toilet paper roses for our mummy to hold and it won us the game.

Printable Halloween Word Searches

These FREE Printable Halloween Word Searches are from Angie at Real Life at Home. She has made these super easy to download and print, plus. they are really cute!

Halloween Would You Rather

Just as Britni at Play Party Plan says, this Halloween Would You Rather is a ‘great way to learn more about friends and family’. Britni has made this fun game so easy by giving you the questions to use on these spooktacular cards which can be downloaded for free, after you provide your email address, or for purchase through her site. BUT what I love about Britni’s Halloween games is that she also provides a simple list of the Would You Rather questions, so you can access them for free, without providing any personal information. I love this!

Printable DIY Ghost Garland

This FREE Printable DIY Ghost Garland is from me! You can find the link HERE. There is also a Pumpkin version…

Printable DIY Pumpkin Garland

Also from Unplanned Whimsy, this FREE Printable Pumpkin Garland is a great family activity to make and hang for the entire fall season.

Halloween Charades

(If you have enough people within your bubble to do so safely) combine the classic game of charades with Halloween and you have a spooktacular way to celebrate with the whole family. These FREE Printable Halloween Charades Game Cards from Heidi at Happiness is Homemade add an extra touch of Halloween spirit to this classic game. You can easily print and use these ghoulishly fun cards or use these as inspiration and make your own cards. .

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

For all of the families who are having a bit of hesitation going out to trick or treat because of COVID or weather reasons, create a scavenger hunt for your children to have an at-home adventure to go and find their candy.

A candy scavenger hunt needs a bit more planning than the other “lat minute” Halloween activities, but with the help of Britni’s FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt clues at Play Party Plan I think this totally doable. She has laid out clues to match just about anyone’s home to make it super easy to create a magical Halloween experience that your children will never forget!

DIY Halloween Ring Toss Game

This DIY Ring Toss Game from Danielle at A Crafty Spoonful is a fabulous last minute Halloween game that the whole family can play together! In her DIY tutorial, she lays out the steps to create your own silly Halloween characters from empty soda bottles and paint; however, this could also be done by simply using unused bottles decorated with construction paper and googly eyes. Get creative and have fun!

Pin the Spider on the Web

Kristen at Ella Claire Inspired has created this adorable Pin the Spider on the Web tutorial and even provides a printable PDF for you to use at a printing store, where you can enlarge the image to create this poster-sized Halloween game. In her tutorial, she then uses black Washi tape to hang it to the wall, and tape on the back of the printed paper spiders to stick them to the web.

You could also simply draw a spiderweb on a blank poster from a left over school project. If you don’t have the time or resources to create a spiderweb on a poster, you can also use black Washi tape or painters tape to create a spiderweb shape directly on the wall. Any way you spin it, this Pin the Spider to the Web Halloween game will surely be fun for everyone!

Printable Halloween Bingo

This FREE Printable Halloween Bingo Game from Amber at Crazy Little Projects is a spooky twist on a family game night classic. Get out your candy corn and lets play!

Spider Races

This Spider Racing Game looks ridiculously fun! This Halloween game idea comes from Devany at Still Playing School and I am obsessed with it. I love this! All you need are fake spiders, which you probably already have, and straws.

With all of the changes to socializing this year, it can be easy to just sit inside and wish upon a star that things will get back to normal soon, but why?

Make your own “new normal” FUN! Be grateful for the loved ones you have in your life, and celebrate Halloween!

Any of these Halloween activities would be so much fun to play with the family, either in your bubble or even on a video call with distant loved ones. Halloween Zoom party anyone?

Thank you for reading!

Happy Halloween!!!

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