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Free Printable Ghost Garland

I love Halloween, honestly it’s my favorite holiday! Maybe it’s that I am not so secretly still a child at heart and enjoy playing dress up (seriously who doesn’t?) or that I hate cleaning the house and cobwebs become an acceptable decoration in October, but I’ve always loved Halloween. Growing up, I would have a Halloween party every year from elementary school through high school where all of my friends and I would dress up, hang out, play games, dance, eat Halloween-themed food, and marvel at the ridiculous amount of decorations I have both in and outside of my house, all while the Monster Mash and Thriller played in the background.

As I share so many of my own cherished memories, I want you to be able make your own unforgettable Halloween moments as well. A great way to do that is to make your own Halloween decorations with these free printable ghost garland templates. I have made two ghosts for you to choose from, so that you can make something to match your own style. So, color them, cut them, hang them, and show off your finished garland at my Facebook page HERE, because I’d love to see them!

*Printing Tips: If they are not already, make sure the PDF is set to “fit to page” on the printer settings and save your colored ink by selecting “black”.


Click HERE to Download the Ghoulish Gal Ghost Garland


Click HERE to Download the Spooky Ghost Garland

It’s Truly as Simple as…




Attach to String


Thank you for crafting with me!

Stay spooky my friends.

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