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Ten DIY Flower Pot Decorating Ideas

The ground is warm and it’s time to get your hands in the dirt! Buuuuuuuut, before you get your garden going, you may want to upgrade your flower pots to keep your beloved plants looking gorgeous.

Think of it this way: when you bloom into your favorite spring outfit, you need to finish your look with matching shoes right? Your bright floral dress wouldn’t look as beautiful if you’re wearing it with a worn out pair of dirty flip-flops. Fact. Your flowers deserve the same amount of love and fabulous accessories… So, do a DIY flower pot to upgrade their look!

Here are ten ideas for customizing flower pots into beautiful works of art that any plant would be proud to grow in. Tutorials for each idea can be found by clicking the photos, photo titles, or the name of the blogs mentioned in the descriptions. Enjoy!

Drip Paint Pots

This drip paint terra cotta pot made by Holly (and her kids) from Holly’s Art Corner looks like a ridiculously fun DIY! It’s the layers that make this pot a true work of art; however, just looking at the finished project, no one would guess how easy it actually was to create those vivid individual layers of color.

This drip paint pot is also featured on in a collection of “Drippy Paint” pot ideas from Tina Hayden. As you can guess from the name of her website, she has SO MANY clay pot craft ideas that are perfect for families, adults, teens, kids, everyone and anyone; as well as projects for all four seasons. Go check it out!

Seashell Covered Pots

This super swell seashell planter sitting by the seashore would make for a stupendous summer DIY. Alright, I’m no Dr. Seuss, but points for trying?

Anyways, these beauties are from the creative writers at the Billabong blog. I love this idea for a summer planter, and the succulents are the perfect touch to finish this coastal themed pot.

Sand and Seashell Covered Pots

Sand and Seashell Covered Terra Cotta Pots

Continuing with our coastal theme, these pots created by The Everyday Home/ Barb Garrett from Hometalk would be a perfect summer DIY project. The beauty here is that these pots are mixture of fun and sophistication. You could to this with the kids for a fun summer craft/ activity or create them for DIY wedding decor on guest tables.

Scrapbook Decoupaged Pots

This delightful decoupaged terracotta pot by Missi Perez from Life is Poppin is gorgeous! My fear when trying to use scrapbook paper to decorate anything curved is that the pattern won’t align; however, Missi has a genius step-by-step tutorial that will help you avoid misaligned patterns for a more seamless design. She even shows a few DIY versions that would be perfect for Mother’s Day. Definitely go check this one out!

Broken China Mosaic Pots

Start collecting your broken china plates or make a visit to your local thrift store to find damaged plates, because you won’t want to miss the chance to make these stunning mosaic pots for yourself. These broken china mosaic flower pots by Jennifer and Kitty O’Neil from Hometalk are not just a DIY project, they are a piece of art. The beauty alone makes this an irresistible DIY project. Your plants will surely thank you!

Rock Covered Bucket Planter

This “rocky bucket” flower planter made by Kate Riley from Centsational Style is a perfect example of shabby chic! It has the elegance of a regular mosaic, but without the sharp edges of your work materials, making it kid friendly and perfect for a Spring or Summer family DIY project.

Though Kate uses a new bucket for her project, I love the idea of using recycled materials to create this rock covered planter. I’m thinking of round plastic coffee containers or large cans. *Remember if you are using a container made of corrosive materials, such as a tin can, that it will likely cause damage to the health your plant over time killing it; however, this can be avoided by using a protective liner, such as a plastic bag.

Water Marbled Pots

Water Marbled Terracotta Pots

These water marbled pots from Priscilla Castro at Be MAKEful are beyond beautiful. Looking at the picture, the idea of this being a capable DIY may seem farfetched; however, Priscilla breaks it down into just a few simple steps that anyone can follow. Your pots will transform from mundane to magnificent in no time!

Tattoo Printed Pots

Who would ever be cleaver enough to think of using removable tattoos to decorate flower pots? Kara from A Kailo Chic Kife, that’s who! She is so incredibly talented. I highly recommend going to check out her blog AND Instagram account for fun and innovative DIYs that will surely fill your day with joyful colors.

In this tattoo printed flower pot tutorial, she shares how to make it, where to purchase the materials, and tips throughout the process to make this a unique and totally doable DIY project!

Lace Decoupaged Pots

In her DIY tutorial at Hometalk, Time with Thea transformed a couple of mundane plastic pots into the sophisticated lace decoupaged flower pots that you see above. This project is perfect for crafters of all skill levels! It’s amazing how much these pots can elevate the design of your front porch, back patio, entryway, or even indoor plant stands. They are truly beautiful.

Napkin Decoupaged Pots Version One

Yvonne Pratt from Stone Gable Blog creates her napkin decoupaged pots by tearing small pieces of napkins to work with, rather than cutting individual flowers. This tactic is a great trick for working with napkins that have small clusters of flowers, such as the ones she used to create these beauties here.

I love how the cluster of flowers add such a beautiful pop of color! Stunning! These are stunning!

Napkin Decoupaged Pots Version Two

Ann from On Sutton Place uses napkins with large flowers to add to her terra cotta pots, and captures their decorative potential by cutting out each individual flower. Though this technique takes a bit of patience, the outcome is definitely worth the effort!

I love this idea for a pot of greenery, to allow the flowers from the napkins to truly be the star of the show.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was able to inspire you to create a beautiful flower pot (or two) of your own. I’m sure your plants will appreciate the upgrade.

Have a beautiful day.

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