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Fall Wreath Craft Kit

Fall Wreath Craft Kit

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

In this purchased kit you will receive:

  • Precut Felt Leaves:
    • 5 (of each) Yellow, Gold, Goldenrod, Brown, Orange, Pumpkin Spice, Red, and Maroon
  • 2 Precut Felt Pumpkins:
  • 1 Assembled “thankful” Banner
  • Brown and White Twine
  • 1 10 inch Wire Hoop
  • Additionally, you will need: Glue. You can use a hot glue gun or feel free to use felt glue.

Step Two: Assemble the Pumpkins

Assemble the pumpkin pieces and set them aside for later, as shown below.

Step Three: Attach the Twine

Creating a loop of twine for the back of the wreath allows it to be hung on almost any size hook. To create the loop of twine I will be using two knots.

*You can use any type of knot you wish to create your loop, I am just going to show you the way in which I create my knots for this step.

Step 2.1 Create the First Knot

Take the twine and fold it in half. Then, take the open end of the twine and create a circle by folding it over the existing twine, so that the open end of the twine is now running perpendicular to the rest of the twine, as shown below in the top right photo. Next, take the open end of the twine and pull it through the circle, so that it looks like a pretzel, as shown below, in the bottom right photo.

Finally, pull the open end of the twine tight to finish the first knot.

Step 2.2 Attach the Twine to the Wreath

First, take the looped twine and lay it underneath the wire ring, as shown below in the first photo to the left. Now that the twine is in place, take the smooth side of the twine loop and fold it over the wreath, so that it will lay in the middle of the knotted side of the twine; this is shown below in the top right photo. Next, fold the knotted side of the twine over the wire hoop to isolate the smooth side, as shown in the bottom right photo. Once the smooth side of the twine is isolated, pull it tight to finish the second knot.

Now that the twine is looped and attached to the wire ring, we are ready for the next steps

Step Four: Attach the Leaves to the Wreath

Create the Back Layer of Leaves

For this first step, take your hoop and lay it down on your work space. Then, simply lay down a layer of leaves in a circular pattern, to match the size of the hoop, as shown below. After that, as an added step, you can add glue to the parts of these leaves that overlay one another.

Add Front Leaves

Once the back leaves are set into place, lay the wire hoop to on top of them. Next, add your top layer of leaves to cover the hoop. (Essentially we’re making a hoop sandwich.)

I suggest that as you attach the top layer of leaves, you apply your glue directly on the hoop. This will prevent the felt from tightly folding the leaf over the hoop and creating a noticeable crease.

As you are working to attach your front leaves, occasionally set the pumpkins and thankful sign (if you choose to use them) over your work to make sure the colors are just how you want them.

Secure the Back and Front Leaves

First, flip the wreath over so that the front of the wreath is face down on your work space. Next, add glue to the front leaves on either side of the hoop, as shown below. Then fold your back leaves over the wire, creating a defined crease on the back leaf. Doing this will secure the leaves together, while also preventing a crease in the front of your leaf.

Step Five: Attach the Thankful Sign and Pumpkins

Simply lay out your pieces and secure them to the leaves on your wreath.

Step Six: Enjoy

Thank you for crafting with me.

I hope you have so much fun creating these beauties.

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