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Fire Truck Banner Craft Kit Instructions

I love the banner craft kits here at Unplanned Whimsy because they are such fun to create and are perfect for crafters at all experience levels.

This DIY post is specifically for a purchased craft kit that you can find on my Etsy shop.

If you have seen my Etsy shop or have made your way over to my shop here, you have seen the wide variety of felt banners that I create and sell. Each one is fun to make and has a unique theme, which make them great gifts.

Each kit comes with all of the pieces needed and a list of instructions as you are about to read, but your craft kit will be absolutely amazing because YOU made it!

Fire Truck Banner Craft Kit

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

In this craft kit you will receive:

  • One Precut Blue Felt Banner
  • One Precut Yellow and Orange Felt Sun
  • Two Precut White Felt Clouds
  • Precut Felt Dalmatian Pieces:
    • Two Black Ears
    • Two White Body Pieces with Pre-Ironed Black Vinyl Spots
    • One Red Collar
  • One Precut White Felt Ladder
  • Precut Felt Fire Truck Pieces:
    • One Red Truck with Fire Emblem
    • One Blue Window
    • Three Yellow Lights
    • One Grey Bottom Trim
    • Three Black and Grey Tires
    • One Black Door Handle
  • Two Precut Grey Felt Cherry Picker Pieces
  • One Precut Grey Felt Side Bucket with a Grey and Yellow Water Hose
  • Two Precut Blue Felt Squares
  • One Wooden Dowel
  • Red and White Twine

Step Two: Assemble the Banner

Attaching the Dowel to the Banner

Slide the dowel rod through the two precut holes at the top of the banner, making sure that the middle of the rod is visible to the back of the banner and the two ends of the dowel are visible from the front (as shown below).

Attaching the Twine to the Dowel

You will be threading your twine through the same holes as the dowel, one side at a time, as shown below.

Once your twine is thread to the back of the banner, tie both ends to the dowel.

Secure the Twine to the Back of the Banner

For this step, you will need the two felt squares provided in your kit.

Add glue to the bottom of the squares and then, place them over top of the knotted twine on the back of the banner. This will hold your twine in place once the glue is dry.

*Tip: when placing the square over the dowel and twine, gently fold it over while keeping the banner itself flat. This will ensure that the banner will not have a large crease on the front side.

Shortening the Twine After Securing Your Knots:

Simply wrap the twine around the dowel in the front of the banner. Wrap on both sides to keep your banner symmetrical, and feel free to glue these wrapped portions of twine to the banner if you want to keep them in place.

Step Three: Assemble the Firetruck onto the Banner

Lay down the truck and its pieces. You can either confidently glue as you go or choose to cautiously lay out all of the pieces first, and then glue them down. Just remember that once it is glued, you may not be able to move it if you need to.





Start by placing the black half circles in the place of the tires, as shown below. This will allow the rest of the tires to lay flat against the truck. After the half circles are in place, add the rest of the tire pieces directly on top of the half circles and truck.

Step Four: Attach the Firefighting Accessories to the Truck

Boom Lift

The bucket portion of the boom lift can be placed in whatever position you choose.


Hose and Bucket

Place the nozzle and part of the hose slightly out of the bucket so that it can be seen.

Step Five: Attach the Sun and Clouds

Step Six: Assemble the Dalmatian

Stack the two main body parts of the dog and glue them together. Next, add the ears into their slots on top of the dog’s head.

Finally, use a thin line of glue to attach the dog’s collar around its neck.

You can place the Dalmatian wherever you choose.

Step Seven: Enjoy!

Thank you for crafting with me!

I hope you enjoyed this Firetruck Banner Craft Kit tutorial.

To check out this and other craft kits from Unplanned Whimsy, visit my Etsy Shop HERE.

Have a beautiful day.

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