The Chronic Illness Files

Chronic Illness Files: Why I Named my Body

She is selfish. She is unreliable. She is particular about darn near everything. She doesn't like exercise. She doesn't like it when it's too cold, or when it's too hot, oh or too humid. She doesn't like the sun, but she also doesn't like it when it rains. She enjoys long naps. She can't handle… Continue reading Chronic Illness Files: Why I Named my Body

The Chronic Illness Files

The Chronic Illness Files: Drowning

Hello. For those who don’t know, I have a long list of health problems and because of my real life experiences, I felt compelled to start this series of blog posts about the issues I (and unfortunately so many others) face as we live with a Chronic Illness.  Incase you are curious about my list… Continue reading The Chronic Illness Files: Drowning

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Migraine Emergency Kit

How to Make a Migraine Kit Hello! Oh hush, not so loud.  Migraines run in my family and I too have been given the curse of these unbearable monsters. For the majority of people whom I have met with migraines, they have told me that they know when a migraine is coming.  A stomach ache,… Continue reading Migraine Emergency Kit