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Fairy Garden Craft Kit Instructions

This tutorial is so cute and super fun to make. It is actually a tutorial as part of a fairy garden craft kit that can be purchased from my Etsy shop HERE. Everything from this post, as well as everything in the photo below is provided in the kit.

Fairy Garden DIY Craft Kit Instructions

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

In this purchased kit you will receive:

  • An 8x4x2 inch Box
  • A Coloring Page: to make the box into a house
  • Eight Fence Posts
  • A Clothesline with: three felt dresses, tiny clothespins, and a bit of twine
  • Five Wooden Heart Shapes
  • Three Felt Flowers (colors may vary)
  • Fairy Dust (Glitter Fairy Dust)
  • A Mini Wooden Yard Sign (style may vary)
  • Mini Bunting from Wired Ribbon (color may vary)
  • Preserved Moss
  • Two Large Craft Sticks
  • A Large Peony
  • Two Felt Fairy Wings
  • A Clothespin: to make the fairy
  • Pre-cut Yarn: to make hair for your fairy
  • Flower Seeds

*You will also need: a pot, dirt, and flowers or plants of your choosing.

Step Two: Create Your Fairy

Creating your fairy will take several steps, so I have created a separate post for the tutorial HERE to make it a bit easier to read. Once you have made your fairy, come back for more on this tutorial! Your fairy will look beautiful.

Step Three: Create Your Fairy House

There are two different ways to create your fairy house. The first option is the set of steps shown below. The second option is described in my Gingerbread House Craft Kit instructions HERE. I suggest looking at both and choosing the option that looks easiest for you.

1. Color Your Fairy House Coloring Page

2. Cutting the Box to Shape

Get your box that the kit was delivered in and take a look at the score lines on the front and back of it. These score lines will guide you on where you need to make your cut to create a roof for the house.

Locate the score line.

Open the lid of the box to have better access to the score lines for easy cutting. I suggest starting from the top edge of the lid and cutting a line to meet the tip of the triangle score line. Once at the tip of the triangle, cut downward along the score line until you reach the crease (fold) of the lid. Once you have made a diagonal cut down the score line, you will need to cut downward along the crease of the lid until you have met the end of your score line cut.

I cut one side as an example in the second picture below. You will need to follow the same process on the opposite side to mirror what you have just done, using the fold from the flap side of the lid.

Here is a picture of what it will later look like, so that you can see what you’re accomplishing by cutting along those score lines and creases.

Once you have the lid-side of the box cut, you will need to cut the back-side of the box to match.

To do this, simply dismantle the side wall of the box closest to the second set of score lines. Trim off the extra cardboard from this wall.

Then follow the same cutting steps as you did for the lid-side of the box, cutting along the score lines and creases.

This is what all of that cutting has accomplished!

3. Close the Box

Close the box to recreated its rectangular shape. Then either tape or glue the lid to secure it shut (every fairy needs her privacy).

4. Create the Roof Shape

Once the box is secured shut, you will notice the flaps on either side of the triangle shapes. Take those flaps and pinch them together to line up with the triangular shape of the cuts you created. Once everything is aligned, tape or glue the flaps together at the top to secure them shut in the triangle shape.

5. Attaching Your Coloring Page to the House

Simply peel away the sticker backing of your finished coloring page and attach it to the box. Align the bottom of the coloring page with the bottom edge of the box. This will guide your coloring page to be straight with the box while you secure it in place. Then fold the top corners over onto the roof to create a clean edge.

6. Attaching Shingles for your House

Once you have created your fairy, you will have several unused flower pieces leftover. Take these flower shapes and cut them into individual petals to be our shingles. Add a bit of glue to the inner tip of your petals to attach them to the roof.

Attach your petals by starting with the bottom layers and working your way to the tip of the triangle roof.

If you have extra petals you can attach them to the top of the roof to hide any imperfections. Start from the front and work your way to the back of the house (this way the pretty side will be on the front of the house).

7. Celebrate Your Hard Work

You’ve done a great job!

Now that you have your fairy and house made you can head to the garden!

You have probably noticed by now that the fairy house you just created is made of cardboard and like some little piggy’s houses it will not last forever. To expand the life of your house I suggest keeping it out of the elements, either as an indoor plant, or on a covered porch.

Step Four: Prepare Your Fairy Garden

Once you have chosen a location for your fairy garden, gather a pot, dirt, and any flowers you wish to plant. After that, lay out the green moss from your kit (because it’s prettier than dirt).

Step Five: Place Your Fairy House in the Garden

To keep your fairy house in place (so a big bad wolf doesn’t blow it away), insert the two large craft sticks into the bottom of the house on the opposite side of the lid. You want to be sure to place the sticks into the opposite side of the lid because this side has the support of multiple layers of cardboard to hold the sticks in place, so you don’t have to use tape or glue to hold them in place.

*Once the sticks have been stuck into the house, secure your house into the garden by holding the sticks to pierce into the dirt. Otherwise your sticks will just slide up into your house, which you have already secured shut.

Step Six: Decorate Your Garden

To create your clothes line find two sticks from nature (I got mine from what fell out of my neighbor’s tree). Tie the ends of your twine to the sticks and then hang the felt dresses with your tiny clothes pins. So Cute!

You can even go a step further by painting the wooden hearts, fence posts, and/ or wooden sign. You can even personalize your garden further by decorating your dresses with glitter glue or puff paint.

There are so many options for making this garden YOUR Fairy Garden, so have fun with it.

Step Seven: Sprinkle Some Magic

Take your fairy dust and sprinkle it on your garden to bring it to life.

I hope you enjoyed this craft tutorial. Remember, you can go to my Etsy shop to purchase your own fairy garden kit. They are fun for kids of all ages and would be a wonderful party activity for your guests.

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