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How to Make a Clothespin Fairy Doll

This fairy is so cute and super fun to make. This is actually a tutorial as part of a fairy garden craft kit that can be purchased from my Etsy shop HERE. Everything from this post, as well as everything in the photo below is provided in the kit.

In case your interested in what comes with the fairy garden craft kit, here is a list:

  • An 8x4x2 inch Box
  • A Coloring Page: to make the box into a house
  • Eight Fence Posts
  • A Clothesline with: three felt dresses, tiny clothespins, and a bit of twine
  • Five Wooden Heart Shapes
  • Three Felt Flowers
  • Fairy Dust (Glitter Fairy Dust)
  • A Mini Wooden Yard Sign
  • Mini Bunting from Wired Ribbon
  • Preserved Moss
  • A Large Peony
  • Two Felt Fairy Wings
  • A Clothespin: to make the fairy
  • Pre-cut Yarn: to make hair for your fairy
  • Flower Seeds

How to Make a Clothespin Fairy Doll

I am going to write this post and the steps as if you had purchased the fairy garden kit.

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

You will need: your clothespin, whichever set of felt wings you choose, the pre-cut yarn pieces, your large peony, some scissors, a marker pen that can be used to draw on wood, and hot glue.

Step Two: Prepare the hair

Taking one string of yarn at a time, split the yarn into smaller thread pieces. Simply pull it apart starting at one end of the yarn and continue pulling until you have a bunch of curly strands.

Next, take the strands and line them evenly with one another to create a bundle. While you lay your strands in a pile, take one strand and set aside. Next, take this single strand and use it to tie your bundle together so they will be easier to work with.

Step Three: Draw a Face

As you can see from my photo, I did this as the last step. However, when I did so I realized this should be done sooner. Doing this step now allows you to cover a possible mistake. To hide a mistake, simply turn the head to the other side so you can cover the mistake with hair. Learn from me and do it as the first step.

I used a marker pen from my Cricut, because it was all I had, but you can use a sharpie pen or other brand of marker pen that can be used to draw on wood. Test your marker on the leg of the clothespin first to be sure it doesn’t bleed. You can also hold the hair of your fairy up to her head if you would like to get a feel for how large or small her face will be.

Step Four: Take Apart Your Peony

I know this may be emotionally difficult to take apart such a beautiful flower, but with these petals you will make something beautiful!

Step Five: Making a Dress for Your Fairy

You will need to choose two flowers. I suggest using a large and a medium sized flower. Using two different sizes will create a two-layered dress. Once you have your two flower pieces chosen, cut an “X” shape into the middle. This will open the middle hole large enough to slip the flower pieces onto your fairy.

Slip the bottom later of your skirt onto the fairy first (larger flower piece). Then the second layer (smaller flower piece). Once these two layers are on, lift up both pieces and add glue to the underneath of the skirt to secure it in place.

I did not photograph this next step; however, it is pretty easy to imagine. Take the smallest flower piece from the peony (it is pictured in the next series of photos on the left) and cut off two of the larger petals. Take these two petals and use them to create the top of the dress. You can make it look however you wish. You are the fashion designer here!

After creating the top of the dress, I decided I wanted to hide some of the imperfections. To do this, take the same piece used to create the top of the dress and fold it in half so that the side with two petals can be spread outward to elongate this piece.

Now do that same process of folding the flower piece, but this time add glue to the piece so that it stays in place.

Next, add glue to this piece and add it to the top of your skirt, hiding any imperfections that may have occurred from creating the top of your dress.

Step Six: Adding Hair to Your Fairy

Add hot glue to the head of your doll, then carefully place the hair onto the glue creating a natural look.

Step Seven: Attaching the Wings to Your Fairy

From the purchased fairy garden kit, you can choose from either your yellow or lavender set of felt wings. Once you have made your choice, make space on the back of your fairy for the wings by parting her hair out of the way. Add a line of glue to the center of your wings and place the wings on the back of your fairy.

Step Eight: Name Your Fairy and Give Her Home

Thank you for reading! Whether you purchase the full craft kit, or simply make a fairy doll from items your have at home, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

If you need to return to the Fairy Garden DIY Craft Kit Instructions, click HERE.

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